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Whether you come to LEARN or to LEAD, social media has become part of our everyday lives. AADOM members thrive on helping each other and their practices. Through the AADOM Dental Management Excellence Community page you now have the option to learn from one another, and to lend your talent, knowledge and experience to thousands of office managers across the country. When you join this Facebook group, you will be helping to enhance our amazing community and it’s reach into all of dentistry.

This will be an open community, meaning it is NOT PRIVATE like our Members only forum. Please use our forum for items you mean to keep private. By participating in this community you will be helping those who haven’t found AADOM yet.

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  • The Dental Management Excellence group, powered by AADOM, is open to anyone who wants to connect with like-minded professionals who manage successful dental practices.The American Association of Dental Office Management has invited it’s members to participate in this page in an effort to combine those of you without a support system to get needed advice from some of the best dental managers in the industry. This group is open to all dental managers of all levels of experience. This group also includes thought leaders, key opinion leaders and experienced dental practice management professionals.
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