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If you’re interested in starting a local chapter, please complete the form below and an AADOM team member will contact you within 48 hours.
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    • I understand that starting a local chapter requires commitment and adherence to chapter requirements and guidelines.
    • I understand that as a new chapter, 100% of my members must be AADOM members, and I understand that my chapter members will receive a discount on national membership.
    • I understand that our annual chapter dues to AADOM are $150, and that the initial first year payment is due at the start of the calendar year following formation of the chapter.
    • I understand that as a local chapter, we must submit a chapter report to AADOM annually providing member, meeting and sponsor information from the previous year and the upcoming year.
    • I understand that as an AADOM local chapter I will have access to AADOM national resources to promote my chapter.
    • I understand that as Chapter President, I must currently be working as a full-time dental office manager/practice administrator or as a dental front-office team member with three or more years of experience.
    • I understand that AADOM will approve new chapters on a case-by-case basis, with the goal being to serve as many AADOM members as possible, while giving each chapter what they need to succeed. I further understand that approval of a new chapter will take many factors into consideration including, but not limited to, proximity to existing chapters, opportunities to collaborate with other chapters, population density and ease of access to meeting location.
    • I understand that the chapter must be set up as a non-profit group and that I will receive more information on the non-profit status and process in my training as a chapter president.
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