Meet the 2018 Practice Administrator of the Year

Learn more about Betsy Cord, FAADOM, the 2018 Practice Administrator of the Year

AADOM’s August Featured Member

President – AADOM’s Portland, OR Chapter
AADOM Member Since 2012
Ryan F. Mueller, DMD, PC
Portland, OR

Q:  What type of practice do you work in?
A:  General Aesthetic and Family Practice

Q: What is your title?
A:  Office Administrator

Q:  How long have you been with this practice?
 8 years

Q:  What are some of the duties you are responsible for within your practice?
A:   I manage the front office single-handedly, from check-in, scheduling, and insurance filing to human resources, budgeting, payroll, marketing and all of the things in between.

Q:  What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?
A:  I love when my patients are happy to see me. It’s so refreshing to see a familiar face behind the counter at a doctor’s office. I always want to be the warm welcome that patients deserve.

Q:  What do you see as some of the benefits of membership to AADOM?
The best benefit of AADOM is how great they make me look! AADOM gives me the education that I can’t get anywhere else. I stay updated on all changes in our field, often before they even happen. I’m pretty sure everyone in my office thinks I’m a super hero. Honestly, how could any one person do so much and be so ahead of the game? AADOM makes it possible, it’s my secret weapon!

Q:  What other services would you like to see AADOM provide for dental office managers?
I would love to have more in-depth training courses for seasoned managers.

Q:  Have you ever attended an AADOM conference?

Q:  Can you tell us about your experience?
My first conference was in 2013, and after that I was hooked! Every year I meet amazing, talented people that I get to learn from and brainstorm with. The intense feeling of empowerment that I get from each conference keeps me going year-round. I would have serious FOMO if I couldn’t go!

Q:  Did you attend AADOM18?

Q:  Are you a Fellow or are you pursuing Fellowship?
Yes, the class of 2014.

Q:  What practice management software do you use?
Dentrix Ascend

Q:  What company do you order the majority of your dental supplies from?
Henry Schein

Q:  Do you or your practice support any charitable organizations?
My office and I both proudly support many charities: Dental Lifeline Network, Rett Syndrome Foundation, local women and children shelters. We also provide donations for local homeless shelters, and mission trips.

Q:  What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?
Currently, my husband and I are remodeling our home. That takes up most of my time! It is hard work, but the feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete makes it all worth it. After the work is done, I love taking walks or hikes in the beautiful northwest, or riding bikes with my family.

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