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3 Things I Know FOR SURE…

Celebrating 10 years with AADOM

In the summer of 2007 I convinced Heather Colicchio, owner/creator of the American Association of Dental Office Management that I could create some pretty big things for AADOM.  Little did I know she would actually review it, consider it and hold me in possibility that I could deliver results?  My son was 7, we had only recently moved to Minnesota and I had started my own marketing company with one lone client.  Being a visual learner and thinker, of course I assumed everyone is.  I created a PowerPoint to showcase my ideas for AADOM called “Endless Blue Water”, and the rest as they say is history.  It was chock full of creative ideas on how I could help grow the then 1400 member base, grow sponsorship’s for AADOM and create a representative model where we could have AADOM reps in every state.  The first slide of the PowerPoint was the tip of an old boat.  All you could see looking forward was endless blue water.  What I find so fascinating today is that the rest of the boat could have been anything.  What I know for sure is that by using an image that we both couldn’t totally see it left us free to create whatever vessel, whatever crew, whatever vision and path we both could reach for.

It’s now 2017 and 10 years have passed. I am certainly not the same person that created that PowerPoint so long ago and that is AWESOME!  If I were the same that means I’d still be back there dreaming instead of working with a team that daily strives to bring over 4000 office managers some amazing resources.  AADOM has taught me more about life and family than almost anything I have ever experienced.  I would like to share with you just a couple months shy of my 10 year anniversary with AADOM three more things that I KNOW FOR SURE…


In 1977, at the sweet age of 7, I was on the “Fernwood Tonight” show with talk show host the late great Martin Mull.  “Fernwood 2 Night” (or Fernwood Tonight) was a comedic television program that ran daily from July through September 1977. It was created by the legendary Norman Lear and produced by the multitalented Alan Thicke as a spin-off/summer replacement from “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”.  I had auditioned in 1977 in a large room for Lear and was chosen for a “Little Rascals” spin off as well as the chance to perform on “Fernwood”.  You can watch the whole embarrassing thing here.  What I know for sure as I listen to those lyrics and watch my sweet younger self, the whole thing is NOT TRUE.  Happiness is an INSIDE JOB!  Your staff, your patients, your family, your partner, and your kids – NO ONE is responsible for “making” you happy.  YOU are the pioneer of your voyage while you are alive and as long as gravity keeps you on this planet YOU choose how much happy you allow in your life.  DON’T WAIT – BE HAPPY NOW.

  1. BAD ROMANCEs are ONLY for Lady Gaga!

Life is much sweeter when you are in love with your work.  One of my favorite things about AADOM is the creative projects I am involved in.  It allows that special unique thing that I bring to the team to be utilized to its fullest.  Hopefully you work for someone who doesn’t discount your wacky ideas as some of them turn out to be brilliant works of art, game changers and practice production enhancers.  What I know for sure is that loving your job should not be a “some-day”. That romance can happen right now if you are in the right role.  DON’T WAIT – FIND THE JOB YOU LOVE or REMIND YOURSELF WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO TODAY.  Watch “Lady La La” in action here.


AADOM lessons have been many but my favorite is the simple reminder that as a former office manager and champion for all of you, my skills alone are not enough to give your community all that AADOM has to offer.  The word WE means me and them, us, our, tribe, community, peers, friends, and teachers.  WE includes every person on the AADOM team that works tirelessly to create the rest of the boat, the sturdy foundations and the fun interactions.  I am truly blessed to work on that ship now.  It’s the ship I couldn’t see until I became WE.  What I know for sure is that I am not a champion. Champions stand on the podium thanking all the people that helped put them there.  WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS when we celebrate and work this thing called life together.

In closing, on June 1st, 2017 I’ll quietly celebrate my 10th anniversary with AADOM.  I will think of all the children who grew into practice administrators and how important we all are.  I will be thankful for the team/family that has grown over the years while I watch in wonder at the individuals who board the boat one by one.  It is clear to me that AADOM still has so much to offer as YOU my fellow AADOM’ers…YOU are the endless blue water.


4 comments on “3 Things I Know FOR SURE…”
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    Jennifer Ferguson

    Happy Anniversary Lorie! We do have endless blue waters, sometimes they are choppy and stormy. Other times placid, slight ripples. With your help and the help of AADOM we aim for smooth sailing but have the skills to sail all waters and the crew to ask for help.

    1. Avatar
      Lorie Streeter

      Thank you Jennifer!

  2. Avatar
    Kelly Lynch

    Happy Anniversary Lorie! I want to personally thank you for all you have brought to AADOM! As a lifetime member since 2008, I have watched as you, Heather, and the rest of the team have created a powerhouse of knowledge for Practice Managers everywhere. Cheers to many, many more years!

    1. Avatar
      Lorie Streeter

      Thanks Kelly!!

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