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5 Resources You’ll Love on AADOM’s New Website

In case you haven’t heard, AADOM launched its new website back in January! How are you enjoying it? Are you aware of the many opportunities available to you?

Our mission at AADOM is to provide a supportive and empowering community to help you conquer the day-to-day tasks of managing your dental practice. This includes providing an easy and user-friendly way of having resources available to you online.

At a glance, you’ll quickly see AADOM’s new website has:

  • eCampus: A virtual continuing education center
  • A new and improved Career Center
  • Continuous updates and tips with the AADOM Newsstand
  • Easy-to-find information about the AADOM Annual Conference
  • Gone mobile – allowing you to access our site on the go!

Check out why you’ll love these five features below!

1. Better your skills with eCampus

To stay on top of your game, it’s crucial to stay on top of your CE and connect with industry leaders in dental practice management. That’s where eCampus comes in – your virtual continuing education center.


Stay updated with your continuing education with eCampus - AADOM new website.


With eCampus, members have access to countless online webinars and courses. From the foundations of dental management to understanding the dental insurance world, eCampus has a topic for you! Our eCampus includes:

  • Virtual Study Club
  • Insurance eSSENTIALS
  • Forms & Resources
  • New Dentist Library
  • Complimentary Resource Library
  • Educational Webinar Library
  • Foundations of Dental Practice Management
  • Sponsored Resource Library
  • And so much!

Check Out eCampus

2. Our new and improved Career Center

Are you searching for an experienced practice administrator to lead your practice? Are you looking for a new job?  Our Career Center is the place for you.


Check out AADOM's new and improved Career Resource Center.


It’s a valuable tool to:

  • Post resumes
  • Find work
  • Search for talent
  • Learn how to advance your career, write a resume, and how you can stand out from the competition

Check It Out

3. Stay updated with AADOM events and tips

We’re excited to communicate with our members through our AADOM Newsstand – 24/7! Stay updated on the latest dental management tips from AADOM Founder Heather Colicchio, see AADOM in the news, learn where you can find the next AADOM event, and so much more!


Stay updated with AADOM's tips and newsworthy events with their newsstand.


Our newsstand includes:

  • AADOM Publications: Download the Observer Magazine
  • Our Blog: Tips from the AADOM team
  • AADOM In the News: See what we’re up to in the community
  • Members Corner: Articles written for AADOM members by AADOM members

Sign Up for AADOM News

4. Join the AADOM Annual Conference


Sign up for AADOM's annual conference right on our website!


Have you been to one of our AADOM Dental Management Conferences? It’s the most talked about event of the year! On AADOM’s new website, you can EASILY find all the information you need to know about this networking conference, including:

  • Dates of the conference
  • Where to register
  • Booking a hotel room
  • What industry leaders are coming to the conference
  • Future conference dates

Don’t miss out!

Learn More

5. Available on any device

The biggest improvement on our site is…IT’S MOBILE FRIENDLY! That’s right – you can take advantage of our tools and resources on the go.


AADOM's new website is mobile friendly.


Watch a webinar on your iPad; read the latest issue of The Observer on your smartphone – the possibilities are endless and available for all of our AADOM members!

What do you love about our website?

We want to give a shout out to Roadside Dental Marketing for helping us put our vision together – they are our SEO and website champion! If you’re in need of guidance for your own website, SEO, and/or marketing, check out Roadside (many of their team members come from dental management themselves!). Just for being an AADOM member, you can take advantage of an exclusive money-saving perk!


Get Your Member-Exclusive Offer


We hope you love AADOM’s site as much as we do! We’re curious to know your favorite parts of the website! Share them by commenting below.

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