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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Dental Assistants

8 Ways to Celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Dental Assistants Recognition Week begins March 5th and the AADOM Tribe has provided some great ideas for recognizing these valuable team members in your practice. Big shout out and thanks to Savanah Carlson, MAADOM, the president of the local AADOM Boston Chapter. Savanah has provided some fun and meaningful ways to recognize your DAs.

8 Ways to Celebrate Dental Assistants

Heartfelt Conversations

There is nothing easier than giving a genuine “Thank You” and compliment to your team member. While gift-giving is a “satisfier,” words of thanks and encouragement from leadership in the practice are the true motivator. Tell them what specifically they do well and how they enhance the patient experience in your practice.

Handwritten Notes

Along with saying thank you, a handwritten note goes a long way. The lost art of handwritten notes requires time and thoughtfulness – another sign of appreciation.

Yummy Treats

Buying breakfast, lunch, or yummy treats for the team is a sure way to celebrate.  Find out your dental assistant’s favorite snacks or restaurants and bring them in!  One thing to remember – make sure you give them a solid break to ENJOY the celebration!

Self-Care Gifts

Can anyone say, “burn out”?  Giving the gift of self-care is a wonderful way to show you about their well-being.  Take them for a pedicure, bring in a masseuse, and have 10-minute neck and shoulder massages, or how about a salt lamp and body lotions? It’s more about their work ethic and productivity in the office, it’s caring for them as friends.

Career Advancements

When was the last time you talked to your assistants about their CAREERS? Offer to pay for advanced certifications and courses. Do they want to attend a conference?  Send them!  Giving them means furthering their dental knowledge, which not only celebrates them as dental assistants but also will enhance what they bring to the patient experience in your practice.

Share the Celebration

SOCIALS, SOCIALS, SOCIALS!  Share the celebration on your social media.  Document the festivities, post pics and bios of your dental assistants, and ask your patients to share their favorite experience with a dental assistant in a google review.

Give a Plant

Flowers die.  Plants can last a long time when nurtured.  Just like your team!

Gift Cards

Everyone appreciates a monetary gift, just personalize it! Where do they like to shop? Is there a restaurant or coffee shop they adore? Is there an experience (like paint night, ax throwing, wreck-it-room), they have been wanting to do? Don’t forget to couple it with a handwritten note!

Take some time this week and have some fun making sure your DAs know just how valued they are on your team!

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About the Author:

Savanah Carlson, MAADOM fell in love with dentistry after she received her BA in English and theatre from the College of the Holy Cross. She has been in the dental field since 2010, with expertise ranging from front desk to billing & insurance to social media marketing. Currently, Savanah is the Assistant Office Manager and Social Media Director for Lund Dental Associates in Stoneham, MA. She is a lifetime member of the American Association of Dental Office Management, (AADOM), received her Fellowship, (FAADOM) in 2020, and most recently received her Mastership, (MAADOM) AADOM’s Annual Conference in September of 2022. Savanah is also the President of AADOM’s local Boston, MA chapter.







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