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AADOM Fellows as Secret Weapons

AADOM just inducted a new class of Fellows at our Annual Conference in Scottsdale! The path to Fellowship is not easy. Applicants must complete a rigorous set of requirements as well as garner professional references and support. The required courses are intended to elevate a dental office manager or practice administrator by covering topics that are critical to running a practice.

We hear often that more business knowledge is needed. It’s to be expected however. As the technology side of dentistry heats up and evolves then it’s natural to expect the management of these advances to increase. With new technology comes new conversations and billing concerns.

How do we talk with our patient about the ‘new and improved’ when they didn’t realize there was an ‘old and outdated’? How do we explain to our patients that prices go up and it’s not just because we want them to?

A true practice leader sees these issues coming and takes steps to prepare the team. As your team hears concerns from patients these should also be taken into consideration. There are events that require immediate team meetings: new technology, new employees and new rules/regulations. A recently purchased implant system or a laser machine count in this mix.

A Fellow has been a manager long enough and has taken enough classes to properly mediate these meetings. A very valuable soft skill is handling team members in a meeting that becomes very heated or is about to go off the rails. It does happen and may require you to be firm with team members.

As business requirements increase, AADOM Fellows will be uniquely positioned to help doctors run successful practices. The amount of education that they are required to keep up will serve as one of the best weapons in a doctor’s arsenal. New regulations, a changing workforce and evolving technology are hard to keep up with if you’re also practicing dentistry. Doctors who have a ‘secret weapon’ manager on staff will be confident that the practice will be run ethically, successfully and strategically.

To learn more about becoming a Fellow of AADOM, visit: AADOM Fellowship


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