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AADOM Now Offers Members Access to Health Insurance!

New AADOM Member Benefit - Health Insurance

Our team at AADOM has some really exciting news for our AADOM tribe:

As an AADOM member, you now have access to affordable health care coverage!

This has been a request of many of you for so long – and I’m pleased we’ve been able to collaborate with a well-respected health care insurance broker to be able to provide this for you.

You can now purchase health care insurance for:

  • Yourself
  • Your family
  • Your practice and practice employees

The process is simple, the rates are competitive and you can rest easy.

AADOM gets no financial remuneration from this program – it is simply us putting our combined purchasing power to use to help our members with what they need the most!

To learn more, or to get started:

Open enrollment is happening soon for current AADOM members only, so be sure to take advantage of this!

5 comments on “AADOM Now Offers Members Access to Health Insurance!”
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    Can you sign up as an individual or would our employer need to set up an account? I have a co-worker (who is an AADOM member) that is interested.

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    Christy Worley

    I would like to receive a quote for myself for health insurance.

    1. Avatar
      Kim McQueen

      Hi Christy, that’s great, all you need to do is go over to https://dentalofficehealthcare.com/ and start the process. You can chat online with any of their support team or you can talk with them live to ask for assistance with the process. It’s very simple and easy to work with.

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    As a AADOM will you be able to sign up for health insurance at anytime or will there just be a one time a year enrollment

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      Kim McQueen

      Hi LaShawn, great question, you can sign up at any time. Just reach out to the team at https://dentalofficehealthcare.com/ directly and they can step you through the timing of things. Thanks!

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