AADOM PODcast – Eliminate Patient No-Shows Through Marketing


Nothing screws up the schedule more than a potential patient not showing up for their appointment. Yes, patient no-shows are an inconvenience. But think of it as a marketing opportunity. Marketing is about understanding the patient’s needs and desires. When you speak their “language,” it changes their perception of the dental office. AKA, they’ll want to show up to their appointment. Milena shares how marketing can increase show rates and treatment acceptance so you never deal with a no-show again.


AADOM Radio & Roadside Dental Marketing Present:

Milena Hoffman-Campaign Strategist

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the real reason people aren’t coming to their scheduled appointments
  • Get the call script that’ll psychologically trigger people to actually show up
  • Discover the perfect patient consult that’s guaranteed to skyrocket treatment acceptance
  • How to quickly fill up your doc’s schedule with reliable patients

More About Milena:

Milena brings over 12 years of experience in Dental Office Operation, Marketing, Sales, and Business Development. She created the marketing and sales process that contributed from $400K to 1.4 million dollars of additional production within 1 year. She mastered the treatment presentation process, increasing the doctor’s production from $325/hour to $725/hour and the hygienist’s production from $130/hour to $275/hour. Through amazing systems, clinical skills, and office culture, she helped the office become THE place for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Since then, she’s coached dental offices and is passionate about continuing to serve the dental community.

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