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AADOM PODcast – How to Cut Ties with PPO’s


Everyone knows about how much of a hassle dental insurers are for practices and for patients. You spend hours spinning your wheels by filling out paperwork, submitting claims, and calling customer support for help. All of your time and effort only results in receiving small reimbursements in return. Not to mention, patients are constantly confused about what their plans cover and what it doesn’t, leaving you to repeat yourself each time a payment issue comes up. They are confusing, time-consuming, and costly yet the average practice has contracts with 15 PPOs. This podcast addresses what you can do to break ties with bad PPOs including:

  • How to face your fears about removing bad PPOs
  • Why implementing a dental membership plan is an important first step
  • Why you should stop offering dental discount plans
  • How to analyze your PPOs
  • How to renegotiate or drop bad PPOs
  • How to market your membership plan to new patients


AADOM Radio & Kleer Present:

Dave Monahan

“Doing the Math” Resource:


Learning Objectives:
Learn the seven step process of how you can get rid of bad PPOs for good
Understand why membership plans are important to the process
Determine what you can do today to help your doctor(s) get started.

More About Dave:

Dave Monahan, the CEO of Kleer, has a passion for creating technology-enabled businesses that improve people’s lives. He founded Kleer and championed its mission from the beginning. He designed the Kleer platform based on dentist and patient feedback, curated a brilliant and hardworking team, publicly advocates for dentists and patient rights, and continuously pushes the company to innovate and be better.

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