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AADOM QuickCast: 3 Steps to Increasing PPO Insurance Reimbursements

3 Steps to Increasing PPO Insurance Reimbursements

There are 3 common mistakes made by practices across the country that contribute to getting paid low PPO reimbursements. In this course, Christi Billquist, Director of Operations for Unitas Dental will reveal how to overcome these common issues and set yourself up for PPO reimbursement increases in this new year.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Determine when your UCRs (Office Fees) should be raised and how to price them appropriately
  • Understand the importance of billing your UCR versus your PPO reimbursement (fee schedule) allowance, and why it affects your practice
  • Discover how PPO leasing arrangements may be hurting your reimbursements, and steps you can take to improve them

Sponsored by: Henry Schein Dental
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