AADOM QuickCast: How to Connect, Convert & Collect with Millennial Patients

How to Connect, Convert & Collect with Millennial Patients

As Leaders in our practices, we have the ability and responsibility to anticipate trends, far in advance of our competitors. As the Millennial generation makes up the majority of the workforce today, we are seeing that there are certain things and “best practices” that worked well in our Dental Practices even 3 to 5 years ago that no longer are effective today. This is due to the new technology trends that are continuing to change and adapt how we interact with our patients. Technology has drastically changed how we connect with our patients, how we convert them to become loyal advocates for our practice, and the most efficient way to collect payment from this rising generation.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the main driving consumer factors of the millennial generation, and what influences their spending habits.
  • Find out what we thought were “Best Practices” back in 2015, that if continued today, could actually be hurting your practice.
  • Discover the most effective ways to connect, collect and convert patients, and ensure that you are staying ahead of the changing technology trends of today’s modern patient.

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