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AADOM QuickCast: Improve Patient Experience by Issuing Electronic Prescriptions

Improve Patient Experience by Issuing Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescribing is the transmission of prescriptions to pharmacies via electronic means. It’s becoming a major topic in the industry due in part to laws requiring electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) as well as the inherent benefits it presents to a practice. Electronic prescribing not only increases safety and security for your patients, but it will also provide them a better experience. The benefits of electronic prescribing include the ability to check for adverse drug-to-drug interactions and to provide a record of what has been prescribed to help reduce inappropriate dosing, doctor-shopping, and potential abuse.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • How you can help control opioid and other prescription drug abuse through electronic prescribing
  • What state and federal mandates you might be subject to as a prescribing doctor
  • How you can help your patients by sending prescriptions directly to their preferred pharmacy and providing them a prescription cost up front

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