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AADOM QuickCast: Is It Legal to Pass Credit Card Fees to Patients?

Is It Legal to Pass Credit Card Fees to Patients?

Most of you have heard about “cash discount” programs where the cost of accepting a patient credit card payment is passed back to the patient. You see people’s opinions (expert or not) on forums and many of you have received emails or phone calls from sales people, wanting you to implement this in your practice. Let’s filter out all of the noise and get down to the bare facts about cash discount to determine, “Is this really a viable option for my practice?”

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Is cash discount legal in my state?
  • How does cash discount work?
  • Can I implement this in my practice if I take insurance?
  • How do I weigh the savings versus possibly losing patients?
  • If I decide to implement, how do I choose a company that won’t overcharge my patients?

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