Membership Plans |1 min read

AADOM QUICKcast: Membership Management in Minutes, Not Hours!

Managing your membership plan shouldn’t exhaust all of your resources. As staffing shortages persist, your practice shouldn’t have to decide between providing better coverage or competing against the clock. Compared to insurance, membership plans are a breath of fresh air. In this quick cast, Julia will share tips that you can implement immediately to ensure your membership plan is successful regardless of staffing turbulence.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Defining membership plan mismanagement
  • Acting with speed, certainty, and insight
  • Optimizing your time and partnering for success
  • Motivation for maximum engagement
  • Stories of trailblazing Office Managers – just like you – facing similar challenges

Sponsored by Kleer

Kleer is the official dental membership plan sponsor of AADOM! AADOM members receive 20% off Kleer membership plan fees. Learn more about how a membership plan can benefit your practice and patients.


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