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AADOM Radio – Podcasts on the Go!

Have you heard? AADOM now has podcasts! Yes, we have our very own AADOM Radio Podcast Channel. We listened to our members loud and clear when they told us their time was limited (totally get it!) and they needed a way to get their practice management education on the go. We have great content to get you started and we will be adding podcasts all of the time. For now, you might want to take a listen to Deana Zost’s “Me Time: Work & Life Balance Strategies for the Dental Office Manager” or Penny Reeds “Make Case Presentations More Like Disney & Less Like the IRS”.

Whether you are driving to work or walking the dog, we bring the AADOM love (and education) right through your earbuds. Seriously, we are so excited to deliver the best dental speaker to you in a convenient way. Happy learning! And let us know what you think.



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