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AADOM ZOOMcast: $26k Per Employee in Stimulus and Why You DO Qualify


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COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us. As the world shut down, the economy came to a halt, leaving the future of many businesses in a precarious position. To help businesses focus on recovering, several government programs were put into place. One such program is the Employee Retention Credit or ERC, which is a generous stimulus program designed to bolster those businesses that were able to retain their employees during this challenging time. Due to the extremely complex tax code and qualifications, it is severely underutilized and misunderstood. This webinar will cover everything you need to know regarding the ERC and how you can ensure your office doesn’t miss out to the refund available to it.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • What the Employee Retention Credit is
  • Why nearly 100% of dental offices qualify for at least a portion of the credit
  • Why so many offices have been incorrectly told they didn’t qualify
  • Why some offices have only received a portion of what they actually qualify for
  • How practice owners can claim and maximize their credit

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Learn more about the presenters:

Cheryl McKenna is the Director of New Business at Merchant Advocate. A 24 year veteran of the merchant services industry, Cheryl helps dental Office Managers save money on and increase the efficiency of, their patient payment systems. Cheryl refuses to have a boring work day and tries to make everyone she encounters smile, laugh, or both. She is honored to have worked with hundreds of AADOM practices over the last 10 years.

Josh Zieglowsky is the co-founder of ERC Specialists and has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. When Josh first learned about the ERC, he spoke to some CPAs and payroll firms but was unsuccessful in finding a solution for his company’s filings, so he took it upon himself to help other businesses receive this credit from the government. He took the approach of the book “Who not How” to hire top experts who specialize in this niche program. With his dream team in place, Josh now leads business development and marketing at ERC Specialists.

Heather Colicchio is the founder and president of the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM). AADOM is the largest professional organization in the nation for dental business team members. Heather is passionate about small business and entrepreneurship. She enjoys collaboration and loves working in the dental industry.

A veteran of the finance industry, Eric Cohen founded Merchant Advocate in 2007. After his extensive experience in the merchant services industry, he was determined to create a fair value proposition and transparency for merchants with their credit card processors. He established Merchant Advocate to act as a trusted advisor on behalf of all size and categories of businesses. As the CEO and founder of Merchant Advocate, Eric leads the team with passion that comes from saving merchants over $250MM in excess fees. He is always striving to help business owners save money. His unique vision has driven the development of an entirely new industry of Advocacy in Merchant Services. Prior to founding Merchant Advocate, Eric held various sales and training positions in the industry, gearing up for the formation of his own organization as an independent advocate for merchants. Eric earned his undergraduate degree in Communications from Rutgers College and his MBA from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University. Eric lives in New Jersey with his beautiful wife and three adorable daughters.

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