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Spring Forward! [Free Download]

April 2020 AADOM Calendar

Spring is a time for fresh starts. It symbolizes growth, refreshment, and change.

I think we can all agree that Spring 2020 has brought us WAY more change than we expected.

For some of us, our work environment changed and we are now telecommuting. Others are using time at home to tackle home improvement projects and Spring Cleaning. For the majority, our shopping habits changed. There’s no more last-minute dining out. We can no longer run out to the grocery store pick up just an item or two. NEVER could we have imagined leaving our expensive jewelry out in the open and hiding our toilet paper.

If we have minor children, they are now home. All day. Every day. In self isolation. For WEEEEEKS.

Under normal circumstances, we might be able to warm up to the idea of this extended family bonding period.

But panic sets in once you remember that the beauty shop is temporarily closed due to “social distancing” requirements and your hair color is now on its way to Calico. You quickly run to your closet to see whether you have any cute hats or scarves to cover your roots till the salon is open again.

The next reality hits – The next few weeks will be full of “MOM! Where’s my [insert item here]?”

“MOM! Let’s make a Tik Tok!”

“MOM! He hit me!”

“MOM! I’m hungry!”

We are tasked with trying to keep the kiddos busy, untangled, and fed while getting our work or home projects done.

We are all experiencing one or two of the above scenarios. I feel you. It calls for creativity, but getting it all done can be achieved.

First things first: I ask myself WWMSD? (“What would Martha Stewart Do?”). I Google a chore checklist so I can get organized. Then I highlight the tasks that the children can do. Next I research some fun non-chore-related ideas to keep them occupied.

Now – to get dinner on the table quickly and without a lot of fuss. I’d like to share with you a handful of recipes that are easy enough for the kids or hubby to make, have very few ingredients and are SUPER yummy!

• Quick and Tasty Pot Roast

• Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles

• Nacho Casserole

• Cilantro Lime Chicken

• Three Ingredient Chocolate Cake

• Oreo Brickle Ice Cream Sandwiches

• Apple or Peach Dump Cake

Karin Bennett with her daughterSo, get your lists, grab your supplies and let everyone jump into action. Life may have handed us a few lemons but lemons make great lemonade and this too shall pass. Be blessed and stay healthy!

Karin Bennett
National Strategic Account Manager

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