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Ask the Contra Costa, CA Chapter Board About their Favorite Meeting of the Year

Contra Costa CA Chapter AADOM

Submitted by Paula Kopff, FAADOM, Contra Costa, CA Chapter Relations Director


Our Contra Costa, CA Chapter board members joined together in what we like to call our favorite board meeting of the year! Why might you ask? Because the meeting is dedicated entirely to getting ready for conference! We came together to discuss how to set our chapter apart at conference, t-shirt designs, potential group events and what type of communication platforms we will utilize to keep our chapter attendees engaged and updated before and throughout conference.

Each year the AADOM National team asks the attending Chapters to bring something to include in the Saturday exhibitor raffle drawing. This board meeting was a great time to discuss what kinds of things we might want to include, along with our own Contra Costa Chapter swag. In addition to brainstorming and discussing all the fun ideas, we also welcomed our newest board member Jessica! Jessica will be taking on the role of Treasurer for our Chapter and is so excited to jump in and help in any way she can. This year will be Jessica’s first conference and she is looking forward to meeting her fellow tribe members in Scottsdale!





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