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How To Attract Your Next Rock Star Team Member

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Practice leaders have a lot of responsibilities that contribute to the success or failure of the business, both in the short and long term (no pressure!).

Of those responsibilities, hiring is the most crucial skill a practice leader can possess.


Because hiring and creating a rock star team is the foundation of our business. In fact, our team is our business. This move makes it that much more significant and valuable to hire people who align with your practice’s vision, values, and goals.

If you have a team that’s not working toward a shared goal, it’ll be a lot tougher to achieve one.

Imagine being on a rowing team where some rowers are paddling forward and some are paddling backward. That boat will effectively move in a circle. Each rower is working hard, paddling in a direction they believe is the right one. However, if the team doesn’t have 100% alignment on where they want that boat to go, it’ll go nowhere.

Here are some tips for designing an ad that clearly represents your practice and the position you’re looking to fill.

7 tips to attract the right candidate

These ad ideas will hopefully attract people who are aligned with your practice from the start and who will ultimately make it easier for your practice to achieve its goals:

  1. Video ads are particularly effective, especially if you’re looking to attract a more youthful, tech-savvy millennial. Be sure to promote the video (i.e., paid ad on Facebook) so that you can attract as many viewers as possible.
  2. Ideally, the person you choose to be in the ad should be a person who has held the position you’re looking to fill. For example, a dental assistant should share his/her personal experience as an assistant to attract the next dental assistant hire. It’s so much more believable, authentic, and effective than an office manager or doctor talking about how great it is to be an assistant in your practice.
  3. Highlight what makes your practice special. Do you utilize the latest technology? Do you have flexible work hours? Do you have a team that feels more like a family? What sets you apart from the practice down the street? In other words, why should your next new hire choose you?
  4. Briefly describe the position you’re hiring for along with any specific skill requirements, which helps to attract those who have the necessary experience or drive.
  5. Have the person in the video briefly describe why he/she selected your office and what it is that he/she enjoys most about working there.
  6. Always include your contact info. I prefer that the potential new hire email me directly so that I can review all information and respond in a timely fashion.
  7. Encourage the potential new hire to submit a video about himself/herself. This proves that he/she is willing to go the extra mile and put forth that extra effort that’s important when working with a team, especially in an office like ours.

An effective “We’re Hiring!” video ad will attract better candidates for you or the practice leader to select from.

The goal is to have that next new hire see your ad and imagine himself/herself in your practice before even applying.

The more your new hire aligns with your practice vision, values, and goals, the more likely he/she will be a long-term fit and a great team member!

Meet the Author

Erika Pusillo in black blazer outsideErika Pusillo is the practice optimizer at Spodak Dental Group… This text opens a new tab to the Spodak Dental Group website… in Delray Beach, Florida.

She began her dental career in 2009 as a dental assistant and now leads a team of 50 in a single location, multi-specialty practice. Her goal is to empower the team to take the very best care of their patients.

She shares her passion for bringing out the potential in others by speaking to dental teams through the BulletProof Dental Practice… This text opens a new tab to the BulletProof Dental Practice website….


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