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In the last couple of years, I have grown professionally in numerous ways, some of which came from taking courses and others from dealing with difficult situations firsthand. While in a professional training session, the words sound so perfect and the steps seem so easy. As we all know, managing in the dental field is not so simple. We understand that we must run a business, make our team members happy, and make sure the patient experience is satisfactory. So how do we perform to the best of our ability? I have found that we often question our ability to manage properly.

Be Open to Learning More

For every conversation I have had, for every training and course I have completed there are some pearls that I carry in my treasure chest. I have learned to dissect and take pieces that will benefit myself and my team. All in all, that’s why I do what I do. My path is still being built, but luckily I have some solid stones put down before me engraved with great role models. Now that we have learned what it takes to manage a team, we pass the information along. One of the best feelings is knowing that you are not alone and there is always a solution.

Be Prepared for Bumps in the Road

Now all is going well and things seem to be flowing smoothly. Then, there it is; that bump in the road that you knew was coming but didn’t know when. We think to ourselves, we have had the training; we can win this battle. Then you are blindsided by the one thing you did not think about. You question yourself whether it’s been handled properly. During the drive home that night you came up with ten different solutions that might have worked better. We have all been there, and at that moment it feels like a lonely road. Much is expected from leaders; leaving us to wonder if we might have let someone down.

You Got This!

It’s time to pick yourself up now. First and foremost, you must be your own coach. Remember that all situations build character. Make a list of all the things you feel you have done right and acknowledge your strengths. Believe that you are the best version of yourself and you are giving that version to everyone you come by. The list can be as short as one phrase or two. Maybe you start writing and realize there are so many things you never actually took the time to acknowledge because you were too focused on the negatives. Set a day for yourself that you will only accept the positive in everything you encounter. Play your favorite song that puts you in that mood.

If there is one thing that I have learned, we must remember to self-validate. Although we are not perfect, we do our job and we make sure to do it to the best of our human abilities. I love the cliché saying that “Experience is our best teacher”. That is absolutely correct. Learn to accept your flaws, pat yourself on the back more often and pass that positive energy to your team. I can assure you that it’s contagious and it will be reciprocated. We can only get better from here.

About the Author

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Driany Cruz, FAADOM is a regional manager for New England Dental Partners, overseeing nine of their Boston region practices. She started her dental career seven years ago as a dental assistant.

Driany is a lifetime member of AADOM, a member of the local AADOM Boston chapter, and received her fellowship designation in 2020. She strives to achieve the highest quality of dental management experience and to understand all the business aspects of running a practice. Driany is currently pursuing her Mastership, (MAADOM) designation.

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