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Clearing the Managerial Clutter

I’m not talking about just moving piles around! Every year it feels like I need to do something different in the office. It’s time to rid myself of clutter and review my notes on my yearly goals. Allow me to share my tips with you:

  1. My office is full of industry journals – some read and some flipped through. I start out with good intentions of reading every article but there are just not enough hours in the day! The good articles are torn out and read – the rest of the magazine goes. I read them then, not just put them away for later. I’ll just find them again next year if I do that.
  2. We set goals for ourselves here at AADOM – every team member has their own individual goals and, in addition, we have an overall set for the organization. I pull out those goals and pay close attention to the ones which I haven’t started yet. Are they truly attainable or was I on a ‘goal high’ when I set it? I also congratulate myself and the team on the projects that have significant progress. Positive reinforcement is the name of the game!
  3. Could you do away with some of the paper piles in your office? I know that paperless doesn’t always mean paper-free. I’m sure that you have documents that you are holding onto ‘just in case.’ Then put them in a file titled ‘just in case’ and move them off your desk!

I hope that this season brings you productivity and success – the clutter-free way!


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