The Office Manager’s Cloud-Based Software Checklist

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What to consider when purchasing a new platform, especially if you have multiple locations

When investing in cloud-based software…Click to learn more in a new window…, it’s important to determine your specific needs through a practice assessment, then seek out vendors with flexible solutions to meet those needs.

To get started, think about how your practice currently manages data, what pain points you need to overcome, and how a centralized solution can alleviate those issues and improve your workflow. Then, determine if your practice is set up for the cloud. You may find you need to invest in new computers or upgrade to a more reliable, high-speed internet service before you make the investment.

Next, it’s time to talk to vendors about their solutions. Not sure what to ask? Use this checklist:

Will other systems integrate with the software? Make sure your imaging devices speak to the practice management software…Click to learn more in a new window… you choose for a smooth, painless transition to the cloud.

What’s the cost? Ask what you get for the base price, how much you can expect to pay in monthly subscription fees, and how that might increase as you add locations and make upgrades.

How difficult is it to learn? You’ll want an intuitive system with easy-to-use formats and interfaces so you and your team members feel comfortable using it as quickly as possible.

What kind of support does the company offer? This is critical. Make sure you’ll be able to easily get someone to help if you ever have issues with the software, especially in the early days. Partner with a trusted, established company that you know will be around to offer solid support services as you continue to grow your practices.

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