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Comparing Dental Medicare PPO Plans for Seniors

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We need to help guide our golden patients to continuing care.

Most adults 65 and older are driven to apply for Medicare insurance.

Medicare now offers dental plans for senior citizens as a dual program PPO that’s treated as traditional PPO coverage.

Several insurance companies currently participate.

Claims can be filed the same as PPO claims, or the companies may use their own portal.

Some carriers require pre-determination.

Different plans do not require or follow the insurance provider fee schedule.

My patient had Medicare Dual Complete, which requires pre-determination.

I went to the portal to enter the procedure codes and fees, receiving the approval within 20 minutes.

Her coverage was $2,000 maximum.

The total treatment plan amount was $3,000.00, making it a total of $1,000 for the patient portion.

She was happy about completing her treatment and becoming part of our dental family.

Another patient had a Medicare plan with a $1,000 maximum, preventative covered at 100% (exam and x-rays only), basic and major covered at 50%, and no pre-determination was required.

Build your production and collection up by adding Medicare PPO plans into your practice.

Call your current insurance companies to see if they participate with Medicare PPO plan options.

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Yolanda Thompson FAADOMYolanda Thompson, FAADOM has over 31 years of experience in the dental office. She began as a high school-trained dental assistant, advancing her way to management for a six-million-dollar multi-specialty practice.

Yolanda is a lifetime AADOM member and received her Fellowship in 2018. She currently serves as President of the Houston AADOM Chapter… This text opens a new tab to the chapter’s website….

Yolanda and her husband, Deddrick, have two sons, Darius and Marquis. She enjoys mentoring young ladies and teaching others.




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