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Renovating a dental office and integrating technology can have significant, positive impacts on the overall business. There are various business benefits associated with working through phases of a remodel, and it allows for continuity of care for your established patients.

As a manager who has successfully worked through two different renovations, I can reassure you it is both rewarding and challenging simultaneously.

Hiring and working directly with reliable contractors experienced in dental construction is a key component when strategizing the ideal phasing process. Communication with the contractors, dental team, and patients during the phases allows for cohesive success.

Phase One

Investing in a phased remodel approach allows for strategically enhancing the patient-facing areas.

The first phase, creating a modern, comfortable office and reception area, immediately impresses patients and contributes to an overall improved patient experience. This can lead to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty, which are crucial for the success of any dental practice.

Starting the remodeling in the office and reception areas allows patients to see the vision of improvements ahead, further enhancing their experience.

Phase Two

In phase two, operational efficiency and workflow optimization will be appreciated by the clinical team and patients.

Remodeling treatment rooms and clinical spaces enable the integration of state-of-the-art technology. Upgrading equipment and efficient layout designs contribute to streamlining and ergonomic workflows. This results in increased productivity, reduced patient waiting times, and enhanced overall operational workflow.

Our clinic was completed in three sections. As one section was closed, two-thirds of the clinic was maximized to continue our patient care. As each area was completed, the clinical team relocated to begin the next section.

During these phases, technology upgrades were implemented in each area. Each exam area and office space were ergonomically created with exact systems for efficiency. This brings several benefits, including improved accuracy in diagnostics, enhanced team cohesiveness, and the ability to provide more personalized care for each patient.

These integrations reduce the reliance on manual processes, minimize errors, and increase productivity.

Incorporating robust security is essential as technology is crucial in managing patient data. Ensuring compliance with industry regulations protects patient information and enhances the dental practice’s credibility and trustworthiness. This underscores the importance of technology in the modern healthcare environment and the need for dental practices to stay updated.

Employee amenities were also phased into the renovation. Providing a comfortable break room, including an area to gather during lunch, is essential.

This can contribute to an overall positive atmosphere and allow team members to enjoy modern facilities during downtime.

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Marketing the Renovations

Market your newly remodeled and technologically advanced practice, as this provides a unique selling proposition.

Showcase the updates through marketing materials, the practice’s website, and social media platforms. This creates a competitive edge, attracting new patients and retaining existing ones who value a modern and up-to-date healthcare environment.

The return on investment and long-term sustainability are part of the planning strategy. While requiring an initial investment, this phased renovation can yield long-term benefits.

Improved patient satisfaction, streamlined operations, and a competitive edge contribute to a positive ROI. Furthermore, staying updated ensures sustainability and potential practice growth.

In summary, working through phases of remodeling and incorporating technology enhances the physical infrastructure and brings numerous business benefits. From improved patient experiences to increased operational efficiency, these changes allow for overall success and sustainability of the dental practice.

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and ensuring that your practice changes with the times is crucial.


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Dawn Klobucher, FAADOM

Dawn Klobucher started her dental career 35 years ago. The majority of her work in dentistry was in the orthodontic specialty, transitioning to a large, private general dentist practice four years ago.

She received her CDPMA from DANB in 1999, is a lifetime AADOM member, and her FAADOM in 2023.


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