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Daily Interaction After the Pandemic – Is It Babble or Conversation?

Carla Collier, AADOM author for Real-World Insights blog on daily interaction after pandemic.

We’ve spent the past two months “social distancing,” which has kept us all alone with our individual thoughts and actions.

What happens when we feel like we’re in isolation?

We begin to talk to ourselves about any and everything.

Coming back to the office after the pandemic

Now, we’re all feeling thrilled to be back at work with our co-workers and patients.

We’ve been looking forward to daily interaction after the pandemic.

We get the beauty of having an extended family and the ability to make a difference. Our patients help make us whole!

The daily interactions we share allow us to hear about them, their family, their jobs, and their pets. During closures, we missed this part of our normal daily lives.

I realized how much I miss being at the office when I found myself on the phone with my doctor, babbling about everything from the weather to the garden I recently planted.

I apologized.

She kindly replied, “It’s ok, I understand that we are all missing our daily interactions with other people.”

I just didn’t realize how much I was missing it.

We are all missing human connection

Know that it’s ok if you’re missing these interactions.

Use the downtime to join online dental chats and take part in AADOM webinars or pick up the phone and call an old friend.

Now that many of us are back in our offices, with our co-workers and patients, we all need to remember that there is a focus to maintain while speaking with others.

It’s easy to “babble,” yet we must remember to be mindful of the respect for other people’s time.

In daily interaction after the pandemic, it’s easy to default to allowing the virus to be the main topic of every conversation…Opens in a new window to article from Psychology Today about talking about COVID-19….

However, try not to focus on it or to allow it to control your every thought and conversation.

Enjoy the time you have to reconnect with yourself, friends, and loved ones.

Be grateful for the modern technology that allows us the opportunity to remain in touch!

Being an AADOM member, you are never alone! We are TRIBE STRONG!

Meet the Author

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Carla has spent over 20 years in dentistry working as a practice manager and practice management consultant. She is passionate about helping team members have fun while creating the ultimate patient experience. Carla can be reached at or 813-928-3622.






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