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3 Characteristics You Should Demonstrate in Dental Management

Pam Good Michelson, FAADOM. Text: Real-world insights from AADOM authors.

These are my three words to live by, not only in my daily life but also in my dental management role.

As a practice manager, it’s important to not only be the leader but to remain as positive as possible, never forgetting to show appreciation to your staff and doctor.


Being a leader means assisting staff with learning new skills and watching them grow.

I like spending time with them when they come asking for advice and help; I feel it gives me a unique bond with each person in the practice.

This connection is rewarding on a personal level, knowing that I’m helping make their job and daily tasks easier.


Positivity is important to keep an office happy and running smoothly.

I’m not sure if I always have the correct or right answer, but if one of our staff members is feeling down or just having a bad day, I will tell them something positive and say to them, trust me, it could be way worse than what it really is.

Fortunately, it’s rare for my team to have a bad day; most of the time, they’re upbeat, positive, and happy.

I enjoy sharing positive comments with the staff as much as they like hearing them. Well, at least I think they do.


Appreciation goes a long way. It’s nice to be complimented and always makes your day when someone shows you appreciation.

I’m very grateful for our staff and their hard work. I realize how important they are and the smoothness they create when everyone is working as a team to get their daily tasks completed.

As managers, we appreciate that it takes everyone to make the practice the way it is.

Don’t forget to show appreciation for the doctor as well.

Show appreciation for your boss

Ours treats the entire staff with genuine care and wants the best for each one of us. He’s constantly thanking us for our hard work.

When the COVID vaccine became available for healthcare workers, he was very passionate about all of us having access to it for our health and safety.

Not all of the staff chose to vaccinate, but he told each and every one of us that he at least wanted us to speak to our healthcare providers and seek their professional opinions. He has respected us and our decisions, but for those who have chosen to get the vaccine, he has told us thank you and how proud he is.

He’s not afraid to tell his staff that he loves us and cares about us as if we’re his family.

A personal shout out

While I’m thankful for each person in our practice, my greatest thank you certainly goes to my insurance coordinator, Bonny Winsor!

Bonny came to me recently to submit her notice. It was truly the hardest moment in my history of management.

Bonny is amazingly kind and respectful and the sweetest person on this earth. She has set the standard when it comes to smart, hardworking, exceptional team players.

I’m going to miss her immensely, but I’m so happy about her new adventures!

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Pam Good Michelson in black top outsidePam Good Michelson, FAADOM has worked in the dental field for over 20 years. She’s passionate about building relationships with patients and educating them about their dental health, treatment options, and how their insurance coverage works.

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