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Top Dental Office Manager Education Videos of 2022

It’s no secret that AADOM is committed to bringing dental office managers the BEST education each and every year, and 2022 was no different!

Throughout the year, a variety of industry leaders provided the AADOM tribe outstanding resources, trends, recommendations, and tips to help you run your practice successfully.

We took an in-depth look at the huge variety of topics covered during 2022 and compiled the most popular LIVEcasts and QUICKcasts all in one convenient spot. While these were originally all livestreamed on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you can catch them anytime on-demand here in AADOM’s Media Hub.

Scroll down to discover the topics dental managers were most interested in this year, and catch up on any of the videos you haven’t personally watched yet.

Note for AADOM members: LIVEcasts are approved for 1 CE toward designations when watched through AADOM’s Learning Management System. Each LIVEcast link below contains a link where you can watch the video and get your CE credits. Happy learning!

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Top AADOM LIVEcasts and QUICKcasts

John Stamper and Dr. Leslie Pasco

Build Confidence and Trust in Your Team

Provided by Lighthouse 360

In this quick 30-minute video with Dr. Leslie Pasco, you’ll learn an essential management skill to empower your team with trust and confidence, enabling the entire practice to be more productive (win-win, right?!)


AADOM President Heather Colicchio and CEDR's Paul Edwards

HR Tuesday: What Happens to PTO When an Employee Quits or Gets Fired?

Compliments of CEDR HR Solutions

The AADOM Tribe always has HR questions, and thankfully, Paul Edwards always has answers for us! Hr Tuesday is always wildly popular, but this question evidently struck a chord with many of you. If you’re dealing with any employee turnover, this is well worth the rewatch!


John Stamper with Dr. Stephanie Kaplan and Dr. Roger Levin

Achieving Excellence as an Office Manager, Parts 1 and 2

Special thanks to Crest + OralB

These two sessions with Dr. Roger Levin are jam-packed with valuable takeaways for a thriving dental practice, including six critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to immediately enhance the practice’s performance by using these insights. Watch Part 1 here, and watch Part 2 here.


John Stamper with Tiffany Wesley, FAADOM

Maximize Your Role as a Dental Office Manager

Brought to you by Henry Schein and eAssist

As you’re well aware, dentistry is always evolving. So it’s more crucial than ever to stay ahead of the curve in order to best serve your patients, staff, and doctor. In this LIVEcast with Tiffany Wesley, FAADOM, you’ll learn what tools and support can help you grow in your role.


John Stamper and Paul Lowry

Stop Adjusting Membership Payments/Benefits to $0

Provided by DentalMenu

Many offices adjust production and/or collections off to $0 on the patient ledger when a patient receives included benefits. But this can cause issues within a practice, affecting KPI’s and provider compensation. If this has been the case in your practice and you feel like you’ve created a series of workarounds to “make things work” then you won’t want to miss this enlightening video with guest Paul Lowry.


John Stamper and Kali Geldis

The Power of Your Practice Story

Compliments of Weave

Engaging with patients in a meaningful way is a key to your practice’s growth, but can be a challenge. In this live video with Kali Geldis, you’ll discover how to effectively communicate the right messages using the right channels, all while creating a more personal experience for the patient.


John Stamper with Teresa Duncan

Productive Conversations with Your Doctor and Team

Provided by Crest + OralB

Teresa Duncan is a favorite speaker of many AADOM members, and for good reason: Her presentations are always timely, valuable, and jam-packed with tips you can implement right away. This topic – how to have productive conversations with your doctor and team – is a must-watch.


John Stamper and Steve Jensen

The Data Pro’s Formula for Practice Success

Brought to you by Dental Intel

In this video, Steve Jensen shares a simple yet proven formula that will make your data start working for you (the dream for any office manager!). Empowered with this formula, you can optimize the schedule, production, and collections, improve patient care, maximize team performance, and power up practice profitability. Steve shared a free, ready-to-use morning huddle template that you won’t want to miss out on too!


John Stamper and Teresa Duncan

2022 Practice Leader Strategy Session

Special thanks to Curve Dental

In this powerhouse session with Teresa Duncan, you’ll identify key benchmarks and, even better, how you can meet AND exceed them. Revenue cycle, marketing, patient flow, inventory management, HIPAA, OSHA, human resources — it’s ALL on the table in this jam-packed one-hour video!


John Stamper, Heather Colicchio, and Paul Edwards

HR Tuesday: Passion Projects, Podcasts, and Questions From Session at Conference

Compliments of CEDR

As mentioned above, HR Tuesday is always a hit, and for good reason! This candid conversation between Heather and Paul is a fun one!


…and a few more office manager education videos:

Industry experts provided SO. MUCH. VALUE for dental practice leaders on a huge variety of topics. We had to mention a few more of the most popular topics:

How Specialists’ Referrals Affect Your Practice || Brought to you by Refera

2022 Front Office Salary Report || Courtesy of DentalPost

Solving the Patient Payment Dilemma || Provided by Sunbit

Uncovering Hidden Revenue in Your Practice || Special thanks to Roadside Dental Marketing

Growing Up in AADOM || Featuring Front Office Rocks

Effective Ways to Improve Communication as a Dental Team || Compliments of Weave

Looking for more? Check out the full list of 2022’s live videos by going to our Media Hub and clicking “Videos.”


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