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Why Should Dental Office Managers Join AADOM?

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You’ve graduated from dental school. You’ve been dreaming about where you’re going to practice.

You’ve sketched out your dental home, and you’ve finally settled on a name for your practice… now what?

In 1990, I began working my way through the dental office with the end goal of going to dental school. Except I had no idea of how to run a practice.

All I knew was that every office I worked in had an office manager. Some did A LOT, some not so much. Why was there a difference?

What was I going to need? How was I going to see patients and make sure the rest of the office was going to run well?

I’ll have to do payroll?

Do I have to conduct office meetings and training?

Which dental rep am I going to call back in the 30 minutes, scrap that, 15 minutes of my lunch break?

The list goes on and on.

I was determined to learn all the office-related tasks before being accepted into dental school.

In 2004, I took a job in a small private practice as a front desk administrator. Four days later, the dentist’s wife never showed up at the office ever again.

So, there I was, figuring it all out. Yes, we can do that if we really have to, but what if I was given the tools and resources I needed to get in touch with the best mentors and education in the industry?

Fast forward to 2013, when my new dentist owner walked into the office with a whole bunch of ideas and wanted to implement them all at the same time.

He wanted to add new procedures, a new associate, a bigger office, more team members, and wanted to work less.

He is a D on the D.I.S.C. chart. I am his yang, I am a S.

For the next year, it was he and I riffling through our day-to-day.

Continuing education and resources for dental office managers

Then in 2014, I went to Google to search “dental office manager CEs” and “front desk training,” and there popped up AADOM.

This is how the AADOM administrator thinks.

How can I do more for the practice?

We’re the researchers. We’re the take it from your head and make it happen kind of administrators. You can’t be in the dental chair doing a crown and manage a team well.

You went to school to be a dentist. You continue your education throughout your career. We’re invested in your dreams because they are ours also!

We show up!

We’re the “moms” and “dads” to all your patients and team members.

We’re your practice partners, your right arm.

AADOM gives me all the resources and mentorship in one TRIBE.

This is our continuing education. We’re always looking for ways to improve both your practice and our teams!

When talking to my associate dentist, I asked her why she chose us? One of the reasons I chose Surf City Dental was the team that supports me.

“They are trained and lead by the best around,” Dr. Erwin says.

Every person on your admin team will benefit from the education of AADOM, not just your practice manager.

We’re a unique breed of professionals. If your office admin team has not joined a local AADOM chapter… This text opens a new tab to the AADOM chapters’ website…, give yourself the biggest advantage and do so today!

Meet the Author

Ruby Eaches in black top outsideRuby Eaches, DAADOM  is the practice manager at Surf City Dental… This text opens a new tab to the Surf City Dental website….

With over 30 years in dentistry, Ruby strives to change the “dental experience” by leading her team to provide the best customer service for their patients.

Among her professional accomplishments, Ruby was awarded Practice Manager of Distinction in 2020 and Green Leader in 2017.

If you ever meet her, be sure to ask about her potbellied pig, named Willow.


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