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The Difference Between a Dental Job and a Dental Career

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One of the first things I realized when I was promoted to dental office manager nearly nine years ago was that there was no job description and no one to tell me how to be an effective office manager.

It was one of the most exciting yet scary times for me professionally. I was so ready to take on the task, but honestly, I was not sure what it exactly entailed.

Fortunately for me, the dental consultant our doctors worked with recommended looking into AADOM. My doctors were interested in the educational opportunities and agreed to send me to the annual conference… This text opens a new tab to the AADOM website….

Little did they know, they had just turned my dental office manager job into a career!

How AADOM turned my dental job into a dental career

I was excited from the very moment I arrived at the conference! The energy level was off the chart.

I was surrounded by numerous like-minded people. The networking opportunities were endless!

Within hours I had made new friends near and far and looked forward to seeing them at yearly conferences from then on.

The first thing I realized was how different the seminars were at an AADOM conference than what I had been exposed to at local dental conventions.

These educators knew their stuff! The level of dental knowledge I was exposed to was overwhelming, and the amount of information I took home was incredible.

I couldn’t wait to sit down and debrief the doctors about everything I learned.

How I grew my career by becoming an AADOM Fellow

When I left that first conference, I was so overwhelmed and excited that I threw myself straight into the fellowship requirements.

I couldn’t wait to advance my skill set. I was hungry for the knowledge; I was like a sponge.

The very next conference, I was inducted as a FAADOM, which only increased my desire to learn. I had created quite a skillset, and my doctors were so excited to watch me grow and contribute to the practice.

The level of confidence I was gaining inspired me even further. As soon as they announced the new distinctions at last year’s conference, I was yet again filled with a desire to learn and expand my knowledge base.

How I’ve become well-rounded in my dental career

The inspiration and excitement of attending conferences continue every year, not to mention the high level of quality information available in webinars and learning modules AADOM makes available to its members.

I’ve gained knowledge in subjects regarding insurance billing, front desk training, best practices regarding accounts receivable, human resource training, hiring, advertising, social media content, conflict resolution, patient customer service, and more.

AADOM has been my roadmap to success

It has been as much a benefit to my doctors as AADOM expands my growth and unwavering desire to implement the things I’ve learned from industry leaders.

I was humbled by their nomination for the practice administrator of the year. Although I didn’t win, I will continue to work hard, seek more knowledge, and be the best practice administrator I can be, not only for myself but for my doctors and team members.

Meet the Author

Tammy Gemmer in a mauve shirt and black blazerBefore transitioning into the dental industry in 2008, Tammy Gemmer spent several years in the healthcare field as a medical transcriptionist.

After becoming a dental receptionist, she moved up to financial coordinator, and within three years, she became a dental office manager.

Nearly two decades later, Tammy is still passionately advancing her career through AADOM. She currently holds AADOM Mastership status.



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