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How to Decide If Your Patients Need to Wear a Mask or Not

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With individual states coming out with their own mask mandates or not, it is very confusing as to what your dental office should be doing.

First, take a deep breath, let go of the clutter that’s out there and finish your cup of coffee.

Now, let us figure this out together.


This is your doctor’s practice, and it is your job to keep him/her seeing patients.

Here are some steps to see where your dental practice should be with masks.

1. First, you need to research what limitations are in place with your state.

Start with your state dental board. They are going to have the most updated mandates and guidelines for your state.

Remember your state dental board is the holder of your doc’s license to practice. Also, check to see what the CDC is recommending. Your practice can always be doing more.

2. Find out what your staff is comfortable with.

As dental professionals, we’re masked while we work on patients. Your staff may be more comfortable with everyone being always masked or not masked at all.

Listen to your staff.

3. Ask your doctor.

Once you have armed yourself with knowledge of your state’s mask requirements and the feedback from your staff, bring this information to your doctor.

This is when you and your doctor can decide on an official mask policy. Your doctor is the one to make the final decision.

4. Let the staff and patients know what said policy is.

Make sure you post this official policy in the office, on your website, and at the patient entrance.

Once you have your mask policy in place, make sure to let your staff know that you and the doctor are behind it.

Remind your staff that patients are still on edge and may make a big deal about wearing or not wearing a mask.

Let your staff and patients know that this does not need to become an argument but a solution to keep your doctor’s practice open in your state.

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Jenn Randall in a straw hat outsideJennifer is a former U.S. Army medic and has over 25 years of experience in the administrative field.

She received her MAADOM in 2020 and took on a two-year commitment as president of the Austin AADOM Chapter.

When Jenn has spare time, you can usually find her working with metals and creating art pieces in her home studio, 3doggsdesigns.





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