Why Education Is Crucial for Dental Office Management

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I have learned that to grow, become more than you are, and to be better than you were the day before, you must always be learning. We learn new and informative ways to be a thriving and successful dental office manager with an amazing team.

To be a leader, you have automatically taken on the responsibility of being a crucial part of the office’s success.

Why participate in continuing education (CE)?

Aside from the fact that you can help maintain a license, CE serves many other purposes.

As a leader, you want to be informed of constant changes within the industry.

One of the best examples is Dental Coding. I take a course every year for coding because if you don’t pay attention, you’ll not be aware of code changes or updates within your software.

Being on top of the evolution of dentistry is important.

Also, ongoing learning keeps you competitive within your dental community.

Being educated, always on top of things, and prepared will impress your patients. They’ll choose to go to an office where they see not only are they taken care of, but that the practice advances with knowledge and technology.

As an added bonus, employees will stay longer in an office that encourages them to learn, creating an environment of support for the employee and their careers.

Furthering your education with AADOM

Let’s be honest, we look at resumes all the time, and the one thing that always sticks out is, you guessed it, education.

What would be more impressive to that new potential employer than seeing you had put forth the effort to receive a Fellowship, Mastership, or became a Diplomate of the American Association of Dental Office Management?

It shows dedication and commitment to one’s career. If you simply want to enter into the dental profession, AADOM provides a means to do just that and to excel further. Each level of education helps you take another step as you strive for excellence.

Why be a part of AADOM?

Being a part of AADOM provides you access to greatness.

AADOM is a group of dental professionals that can figure out anything. They’ve mastered the art of bringing everyone together while making learning fun.

With AADOM in your back pocket, you can learn so many things: treatment planning, billing, collections, software education, dental insurance, and… how to lead your team to excellence.

Education and office management go hand and hand.

If you want to lead, then you have to learn. It’s the key to success.

Meet the Author

Claudia LaSmith in gray top with statement necklaceClaudia LaSmith, MAADOM has over 20 years of dental experience. She began her career as a dental assistant and then transitioned into a management role at Bell Family Dentistry… This text opens a new tab to the practice’s website… in Cary, where she has led the practice for more than a decade and was recognized as Practice Administrator of distinction in 2019.

Claudia achieved her AADOM Masters designation in 2020 and serves as a board member for the AADOM Triangle Area Chapter… This text opens a new tab to the chapter’s website….

She and her family live in Apex, North Carolina.


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