AADOM PODcast-Turn Your Treatment Coordinator into a Master Closer


At Progressive Dental Marketing we have developed The Closing Institute program to give doctors of all specialties and their team the exact techniques used by the top dental implant practices in the country. Over the years we have found that, besides the doctor, the treatment coordinator is the primary driving force to increasing production in the practice.

All too often, though, they neglect the one major skill set needed to succeed in their position…their sales acumen. The Closing Institute offers an in-person boot camp where doctors and their treatment coordinators come to learn the business and sales techniques needed to present high-dollar treatment plans as well as increase case acceptance. Following the boot camp, treatment coordinators are enrolled into a mentorship program designed to coach and train them through their case presentation, with the ultimate goal of sales mastery.

It’s important to bring in leads through marketing but it’s even more important to be able to close those leads. This cutting-edge program has proven time over time to turn your team into consistent dental implant closers. We take treatment coordinator skills to the next level!


AADOM Radio & Progressive Dental Marketing Present:

Bart Knellinger of Progressive Dental Marketing

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Learning Objectives:

After networking and working with so many offices in the dental field for over 13 years, we have noticed that the treatment coordinator is the primary driving force to increasing production in the practice and ultimately meeting the dental practice’s sales goals. Learning how to do the following correctly with our help will impress the doctor and help you grow in your career! We teach this valuable information at The Closing Institute!

The Closing Institute teaches our doctors and their teams the following which we touch upon in this podcast:

The Psychology Of A Closer

How To Qualify Leads

Standardized Sales Process

How To Gain The Patient’s Trust

Identifying and Overcoming Acceptance Barriers

Presenting Creative Funding Options for Cases Over $40k+

Follow-Up Strategies and Tools

Getting Unscheduled Treatment Back In The Door

Bringing Doctors and Treatment Coordinators Together

Identify the Gaps in your Treatment Planning Process

Teach You How to Bring In New Patients

Getting Unscheduled Treatments Back In the Door

Receive an Actionable Plan to Implement Within Your Practice

Provide You with Tried-and-True Methods to Increase Your Multi Implant Full-Arch Cases

Get Your Team Excited in the Role they Play About Changing People’s Lives Through Dentistry



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