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AADOM PODcast -The Cost of Disorganization


It is imperative that dental administrators are aware of the clinical operations within the practice. Without good processes in place, the practice’s overall success will be compromised.

Disorganization costs are wasted time and money, a poor patient experience, and a stressed and burnt-out team. I have a colorful solution that will calm the chaos and bring the fun back into dentistry. Zirc’s Color Method, a simple color code system, will manage the abundance of inventory and create streamlined operations from room setup to sterilization. The results are amazing!


AADOM Radio & Zirc Dental Present:

Kay Hickey, Clinical Efficiency Consultant

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how the lack of good clinical systems can negatively affect the overall success of the practice
  • Identify resources to help administrators identify blind spots and pain-points within the clinic
  • Learn how Zirc’s Color Method can streamline operations to save time and money and add revenue

More About Kay:

Kay has been in the dental industry for over 30 years working as a dental assistant, dental assisting educator, and currently as a clinical efficiency consultant at Zirc Dental Products. She enjoys speaking and training clinical systems to help practices become safe, happy, and efficient. She has authored four children’s dental books and has written several articles for various dental publications. Kay has served on the Minnesota Dental Assisting Board and is a member of the Speaker Consultant Network, AADOM Speaker Consultant Alliance, and eAssist Consultant Network.

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