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AADOM Featured Company: Bola AI

AADOM Featured Company is a 30-minute, interview-style presentation sharing the company’s mission, product/service and best practices for office managers.

Video Description:

Bola’s mission is to help the hygienist see more patients and be more efficient with their time. We are a TRUE hands-free Voice Charting Tool built to allow hygienists to chart and do their clinical notes ALONE. No more grabbing an assistant or charting alone on the computer. Be more efficient with your time, see more patients, create more revenue for the practice.

BOLA AI – True Hands-Free Perio Charting and Clinical Notes Software

With Bola AI, the future of speech artificial intelligence (AI) is here for the dental practice. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, this platform can provide efficient, fully integrated and accurate speech (99.9%) solutions for periodontal charting, clinical notes and more.

With Bola AI, practices can empower themselves to create a smarter patient experience while improving operational efficiency and driving revenue.

Integrating and partnering with Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend and Dentrix Enterprise, Curve, Patterson, Open Dental and more, Bola is the leader in the voice-charting and patient notes space.

Create Happier Hygienists and Assistants with Time-Saving Software

  • Save 3-5 minutes per patient, per chair with voice charting.
  • Help your hygienists to chart solo, hands-free. No more waiting for an assistant.
  • Help the ergonomics of your hygienists, no more twisting and typing while charting.
  • No more spending hours typing patient notes for insurance. Save hours speaking your notes.
  • 99.9% accuracy with all accents and zero lag while charting.
  • Simple 20-minute or less set-up process.
  • No contracts.

Right now, we are offering two free mics for charting when you sign up to AADOM customers. Click here to get a demo and find out how Bola Ai can help your practice.





Learn about the presenter:

Rushi Ganmuhki’s background is in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, previously working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a researcher in this area. He is passionate about voice technology and how it can improve healthcare outcomes. He lives in Boston with his wife, newborn son, and puppy Jasper.


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