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AADOM Featured Company: The DocSites

AADOM Featured Company is a 30-minute, interview-style presentation sharing the company’s mission, product/service and best practices for office managers.

Video Description:

The DocSites provides affordable and effective Websites & Online Marketing for dentists. Website monthly fee starts at only $59/month with SSL and includes monthly hosting with free updates and NO long term contracts! We also offer affordable and effective online marketing packages with no commitments.

Why Doctors Choose The DocSites:

  • 5-Star Rated customer service
  • Transparent pricing, no long-term contracts or hidden fees
  • Dedicated account rep throughout your service
  • Websites personalized to help you stand out
  • Switching is easy – plus we do all the work
  • Transparent marketing that works (see what you’re getting every month!)

Crucial qualities to look for in a website and marketing company to save money and time and achieve your desired results

When it comes to website and marketing for dental practices, finding a company that can help you save money and achieve your goals is crucial.

6 things to analyze before choosing a website company

From accessibility and responsiveness, to understanding the unique challenges and needs of a dental practice, these are the key factors to consider when choosing a website and marketing company.

1. Accessibility and responsiveness

Make sure the company you hire is easy to get ahold of and responds in a timely manner. Can you call their office and schedule a review? When you request an update, is the company taking care of it within the timeframe that they promised?

2. Experience in dentistry

A common theme in dental conferences around the country is that many dental offices are dissatisfied that their website and marketing company doesn’t understand dentistry. Having a company that knows the challenges and needs of a dental office is important because they can expedite support and help market your practice successfully. They will ask the right questions to help find the unique value proposition of your office.

3. Are they only selling their products?

A website and marketing company should be able to guide you with a variety of services and tools without forcing you to purchase their products. Offices often ask us tools to review management, patient communication, and online payment portals. We refer them to colleagues around the industry that we trust and know will do a great job. We focus on our strengths to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

4. Are the contract terms friendly for a dental practice?

Many dental offices who have a contract with another company have called us three months into the contract, upset. They were frustrated at the lack of service and the fact that they can’t get out of their agreement. In addition, we have heard offices being auto renewed into an additional year without knowing that auto renewal terms were even in the agreement. We have no long-term contracts so that you can cancel, upgrade and downgrade at any time.

5. Do they understand overhead in dentistry?

Being affordable is critical because dental practices have high overhead and a consistent increase in expenses. A marketing company should understand the realities the industry and so ensure that they will not be raising costs on a yearly basis.

6. Do they keep up with the trends and offers free advice?

We often have clients who want to pick our brain about new marketing ideas, and the latest trends in the industry. Ensure that you are working with a company who is approachable and willing to offer free guidance. Just this past year we had a client who said their staff had time to do some work online and asked for a bullet point of ideas. We happily sent a list of ideas and now the client is grateful that we were available for them because they were able to quickly vet and apply the new ideas.

Save money, time, and achieve your desired results

When looking for a website and marketing company for your dental practice, it is important to consider accessibility and responsiveness, experience in dentistry, resourcefulness, contract terms that are friendly for a dental practice, understanding of overhead in dentistry, and keeping up with trends and offering free advice. By considering these factors, you can find a company that will help you save money and time and achieve your desired results for your dental practice.

Remember, you don’t have to be tied to long-term contracts, with the right company you can cancel, upgrade and downgrade any time. With the right website and marketing company, you can take your dental practice to the next level.

Contact The DocSites right away to get started the right way:

Tel: 1-888-980-4949

Learn more about the presenter:

Parham Nabatian is the co-founder of The DocSites and for the last 12 years he has helped dental practices achieve a successful online presence. He got his start by working with his first client, a childhood friend, expand to more than 11 offices by utilizing online marketing. Over the past decade, he has helped 100s of dental offices of all types implement a successful web presence to achieve their respective goals. His personal passions involve family, community activities, sports, and travel!

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