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AADOM Featured Member – Ashley Heath

Ashley Heath
Certified Dental Office Assistant
Smith, Adams, & Pilkington Family Dentistry

Goldsboro, NC

Phone: (919) 734-3564

At Smith, Adams, & Pilkington Family Dentistry we specialize in General/Pediatric Dentistry. I have been part of the team for 4 years.

The most rewarding part of this career is being able to treat people who genuinely appreciate what you do for them. Having conversations and getting to know your patients (especially in a small town) is a lot like having a big community family. We love making those connections and keeping those connections going down the line for years and years for generations.

Our team is very deeply connected as we support each other’s struggles, emotional wellness, parenting challenges, etc; we are always there for one another! We also have one day a month where we meet (including the doctors), have lunch together, and just shoot the breeze. We don’t talk about work (anything, but work!) We share recipes, crafting ideas, news, upcoming events, etc. It’s a good time to connect without having to stress about planning a time/place that’s good for everyone to meet.


What advice would you give to a new office manager just starting out?

Be prepared to be unprepared. You are more than just an office manager. You are a personal assistant. You are a dental assistant. You are a clinical assistant. You are a treatment planner. You are a technician. You are a plumber. You are an electrician. You are a babysitter. You are a counselor. You are a teacher. You are a janitor. You are a bookkeeper. You are a mind reader. BUT most importantly, you are a LEADER.

All About AADOM!

Are you a member of a local AADOM chapter?
Not yet, we are in the process of starting our own local chapter!

Have you attended an AADOM conference?
Yes, Scottsdale in 2022.

Do you hold an AADOM distinction (FAADOM, MAADOM, DAADOM?)
I will be graduating FAADOM 2023!

How do you feel AADOM helped you to learn, connect or grow?
AADOM has helped me connect with others like me, who what to achieve greatness in this dedicated field of dental health. There is so much to learn and as I’ve always said, “never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

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