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Hiring Strategies for Your Dental Practice

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Hiring a new team member can be daunting.

The process is monotonous. It can be time-consuming – a continual interruption.

But it doesn’t have to be any of these things.

Keep reading to learn tips on making your dental practice stronger by implementing solid hiring strategies.

The set-up

In the past few years,… This text opens a new tab to the Indeed website… has been my go-to hiring platform. I’ve had a lot of success there.

I usually keep a simple ad and tweak it as needed.

For example:

I have one ad for a dental hygienist, dental assistants, and dental administrative team members.

Each has its specific needs and wants.

I also utilize our dental reps when they come by the office. They know and talk to everyone. They’re a fantastic resource!

Once I have reviewed the applications, I’ll send the potential interviewee an email requesting a phone interview.

Phone interview

An important part of your hiring strategy should revolve around the initial phone interview.

I spend a reasonable amount of time on the phone with a potential team member.

First, I talk about our team and what we are looking for.

I’m also really listening to what they are looking for in a new dental home.

You’d be amazed at the hints potential employees drop, so listen.

I am listening to:

  • How they speak
  • Their verbiage
  • What questions they may have about the office

I ask them if they’ve seen our website or social media. Then, I’ll ask them to share something they liked about it.

Come and meet us

If we’re interested in each other, I’ll ask them to come in for a tour of the office and a chance to meet us.

I usually set up an in-office interview on Tuesday mornings, which has been the best day for all of our doctors and team leads to meet the potential team member.

I’ll meet them in person in our consultation room.

Always be sure to ask if they have any additional questions and spend a few more minutes just making small talk.

Finally, I give them a tour of the dental practice.

During our little stroll, I introduce them to all available team members.

I get to share a little about the team member with the interviewee and let them say hello.

Assessment test

We don’t offer a working interview at our practice.

However, we do conduct an assessment test that gauges the potential team members’ skill level and vocabulary.

The assessment is taken by the team lead in an available operatory.

They’ll do things such as:

  • Ask how to set up a specific procedure
  • Explain why a dental procedure is needed
  • Take note of what is said if they don’t know the answer

The potential team member won’t know precisely how we do things, but we will see how they react to certain situations and questions.

With this information, we’ll be able to decide if we can work with this person or not.

You’re hired!

If a potential team member is chosen, I’ll call them and offer them a position.

Once they accept, I’ll give them a start date.

Then, I’ll send them to our scrub distributor to get their uniforms and lastly, always thank them for choosing us!

The first day

For their first day on the job, you can expect to complete some paperwork and no patient care.

We use C.E.D.R. Solutions… This text opens a new tab to the C.E.D.R. Solutions website… for our H.R. needs, and they provide me with a new employee checklist, which the new team member and I go over together.

This includes their:

  • Offer letter
  • Key for their locker
  • Copy of their employee handbook
  • How to clock in and out

The new team member will also take a D.I.S.C. assessment.… This text opens a new tab to the DISC Personality website…

Our entire team is trained to communicate with all types of team members and patients.


It may seem like a lot for the first day, but we want to make sure that a new team member is set up to succeed.

Training program

Team leads have a training program checklist that they go through with the new team member.

Training is broken up into sections to get the new team member up to speed as soon as possible so they can do what they do best – taking care of patients!

I have been hiring since 2011 and fortunately don’t have a ton of turnover.

Team members tell me they love to work here. These steps have worked for me, and they should work for you too!

Contact me for more information! I’d be glad to help.

Meet the Author

Ruby Eaches in black top outsideRuby Eaches, DAADOM is the practice manager at Surf City Dental… This text opens a new tab to the Surf City Dental website….

With over 30 years in dentistry, Ruby strives to change the “dental experience” by leading her team to provide the best customer service for their patients.

Among her professional accomplishments, Ruby was awarded Practice Manager of Distinction in 2020 and Green Leader in 2017.

If you ever meet her, be sure to ask about her potbellied pig, named Willow.


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