Calendar of November 2020

So, I’m not a big fan of cold weather, but I do love the holiday season.

My family and friends mean everything to me and getting together during the holidays makes them much more special.

Holiday memories

I’ve got so many great memories of our holiday celebrations.

Some that I hold near and dear to my heart are the holidays spent with my dad and younger brother, as they have both now passed.

Other wonderful memories I cherish include the first holidays spent with my husband, the first with my children, or the first time the whole family came to my house.

Last-minute gatherings with friends or just dropping by with homemade treats are also special times that stand out in my mind.

These memories shared with my family and friends are irreplaceable, and I feel really blessed to have them.

This year, things may be a bit different…

Fewer visits with friends and maybe not as many family get together to celebrate the holidays, but I’m making extra-special plans to make sure we keep in touch and spend time with each other.

Whether it be by phone, Zoom, Facetime… whatever it takes, we’ll celebrate together.

I’m also planning to send more traditional holiday cards than I usually do to make sure friends and family know we are thinking about them.

We may be “clinking” our glasses virtually when we toast the New Year, but that’s OK.

When we are all able to be together again, the celebrations and memories created will be that much sweeter and mean that much more to me, as I’ll remember the times when it wasn’t possible.

I wish you, your friends, and your family a happy holiday season filled with good health, peace and joy!

Kim Huchel, AADOM New Member Concierge

Kim Huchel and her family