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Holidays, Deductibles and Candy Canes…

This is one of my favorite times of the year. In a dental practice however the hurried necessity of requested appointments always seems to add to the excitement AND to the frustration…”Jimmy is home from college can he come in?” “My Deductible runs out the end of December and I need my crown”. Well to honor the last minute requests, holiday parties, crazy schedules and overall December Dental flurry – I thought this simple poem might help you reflect and remind you to keep Peace on Earth and within you!

Dear doctor its December can I have the whole month off?
I laugh as he doesn’t answer – I expected a silly scoff
December is for rushing for ribbons and for bows
December is for deductibles and rolling over woes

This month we usually celebrate at a dinner for our team
It’s all so very special until you think of what it means…
It’s not so much the personal part but it’s staying after work
The last minute root canal on the patient that’s a jerk!

He ate too many goodies on the tooth that was already bleak
Now it’s my job to fit him in before the end of the week!
Do they even care who I am or remember my helpful name
Or am I just the insurance girl who gets most of the blame?

I’ve decorated the office with the stuff we had last year
It looks very festive like the office is filled with cheer
But I’m not a fan of dental in December till I read this simple blog
AADOM thanks for reminding me to light the ole Yule log…

December for the dedicated practice leader – it said on the top of the page
Could they be talking to me – in the midst of my derange
What I read next changed everything it made me swallow hard
That 90 year old patient that wrote that Christmas card

It asked me to remember the simple things that I forgot
How Sally and her husband brought down cookies by the lot
How Dr. Smith’s wife gave us all a Christmas treat
How I have a wonderful place to work and plenty of food to eat

It asked me to embrace this month with happy expectation
For some are not so lucky as to get Christmas Vacation
The crabby man I helped out late to get him out of pain
He brought by a Christmas pie and wrote a card addressed to me by name

December is not easy but a smile is always free
I’m glad I work in dental because the holidays are me!
I can make my patients day and December will come and go
I am lucky for the reminder it was a chance for me to grow

I am an AADOM member I am also not so stressed
Remembering that every month I am super dental blessed!

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season!
Lorie Streeter, AADOM Vice President

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