How Do You Explain the Unexplainable?

Kim McQueen and AADOM Members

Easy question right? How do you explain the unexplainable? Recently, many times recently actually, I’ve been asked to share what it means to be a part of AADOM. Why do members love the association so much, why do you as a member of the executive team love the association and what you do? So I ask again, how do you explain the unexplainable?

As I thought about these questions, I found myself thinking about my long standing relationship with AADOM. As most of you know, I was involved with AADOM long before joining the executive team here. My relationship started over 10 years ago while working for Patterson Dental. Through the building of the Diamond Level Sponsorship, I came to know the association, its members and the connection that had already formed in just a few short years. As I became more and more involved and got to know the members I realized how truly special this group was. The level of professionalism, commitment, drive and energy was really incredible.

After joining the executive team here at AADOM and overseeing Membership Services for the past four years, I have had the privilege of getting to know our members even more. I have watched relationships grow, lifelong friendships solidified, watched as individuals with no formal degree have walked the stage and become Fellows, announced some of the best of the best during our Practice Administrator of the Year award presentation, witnessed individuals step up to build their own local AADOM Chapters, and the list just simply goes on and on and on!

Do you know what stands out the most though? The incredible sense of caring and support that this group has for each other. When I see members fly across the country just to spend a weekend together, listen to an individual tell me, “The Conference changed my life”, watch as individuals passed the hat at our conference to help pay for hotel rooms and food for stranded hurricane victims, or hear about those who were there to catch the tears of a friend who just lost a family member, I am always in awe of what this association is humbled to have facilitated.

A few years ago AADOM members began referring to themselves as a Tribe. That is indeed what we have become, a loyal tribe that would do just about anything for each other. We are here to make each other better, professionally and yes personally. And…we are succeeding!

So how do I explain the unexplainable? I don’t know that I can. I can only say that this association and its members, its Tribe are truly the best of the best. You really do have to just experience it to understand. If you’re not an AADOM member, I invite you to come on in and join this Tribe! If you are an AADOM member, I invite you to help explain the unexplainable!


Kim McQueen
AADOM Executive Director

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