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5 Tips on How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety

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Fear is an enemy when it comes to our emotions.

That teeny-tiny voice inside our heads that says, “I can’t do… I’m not comfortable doing… I’m no good at…” is fear guiding us.

Fear leads to anxiety, which can crush you into a vortex of non-production and an inability to lead others.

When it comes to pushing through any unfavorable emotion, we must first recognize it for what it is, realize that it is not the way we want to feel, acknowledge it may be happening, and finally take some steps to overcome it.

Confidence reigns when fear is lost.

Why does fear hold us back?

Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of getting things done.


Because when we experience fear, we live inside the “what-ifs.”

We wonder what might happen, and ultimately, our minds assume a negative outcome.

Fear paralyzes us and leaves us stuck. It can make us feel foggy or overwhelmed and inhibits us from getting anything valuable accomplished.

5 tips on how to overcome fear

Here are five tips for dealing with fear and not allowing it to take control of your actions (both in your dental practice and your personal life).

1. Meditate

Peace and joy are contrasts to fear.

Use a few minutes to think of a person, place, or activity that brings you immense joy.

Leave the “what-ifs” behind because you know exactly how you feel in a happy place when all is right with the world.

Let the anxiety go.

Think of what you have that’s good in your life and let yourself live there for a few minutes of every single day.

2. Focus on small wins

Simply having that difficult conversation with a member of your team, even if left unresolved, is still a win if you felt confident doing it.

Write down your wins, big and small, and celebrate them daily.

3. Value yourself

Be grateful for yourself and for the gifts that you bring to relationships and conversations.

Know that your contributions are valuable.

4. Find a support system

Lean on others when you need it. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Use groups like the AADOM forum and other office managers to help you along.

Join an AADOM Media Hub and connect.

Talk through challenging situations with a group of your peers to gain confidence in handling a difficult situation.

5. Affirmation

Look into a mirror and tell yourself you can do this.

Allow your own voice to take control over the fear by physically facing it head-on.

Use “I” sentences like “I am good at… I can… I will…”

Believe in yourself. Believe that others need to have what you offer.

Stop letting fear control you

Some of these tips may be a little uncomfortable and feel overwhelming or challenging at first.

Talking to yourself in a mirror isn’t always the most comfortable thing for people to do. Finding the best in yourself can be hard to do.

Practice with a friend or someone smaller, like a child or pet.

It is always a good idea to allow those around you to hear positive words of affirmation as well, so think of the benefits it will also bring to others.

The next time you feel fearful over a situation or when you hear that little voice telling you, “it’s way too hard” or “you can’t,” be confident.

The only thing you have to lose is fear itself.

Meet the Author

Beverly Wilburn FAADOM smilingBeverly Wilburn, FAADOM is the office manager for Karl A. Smith, DDS, LLC Periodontics and Implants… This text opens a new tab to the official website… in Alexandria, VA and Waldorf, MD.

In addition to managing a specialty practice full-time, she offers consulting services for dentists, dental specialists, and several attorneys.

She is currently a member of three AADOM chapters in the Washington DC Metro area and serves as the executive administrator for the Virginia Society of Periodontists.



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