How Your Free AADOM + CEDR Software Package Can Help You Cut Turnover in Half

It's HR Tuesday!

If you’ve read our free hiring guide… This text opens a new tab to the article… or were following our HR Tuesday series in January of last year… This text opens a new tab to the article…, you know that the HR experts at CEDR HR Solutions are serious about the benefits of structured onboarding.

It’s nerve-racking to be a new employee. Not only is the physical workspace entirely alien to newcomers on your team, but new employees also face the added challenge of creating a place for themselves within your team’s established social structure. Think “first day of school jitters,” but for an adult professional.

Structured onboarding helps remove many of the barriers a new hire might face when it comes to getting acquainted with your practice and building relationships with the other people who work there. That’s likely why the Society for Human Resource Management was able to report … This text opens a new tab to the article…that employing a structured onboarding program for your business could help you increase employee retention by 58 percent and improve new-hire productivity by 50 percent.

And, when you consider that hiring a new employee can cost… This text opens a new tab to the article… anywhere between 50 and 200 percent of that person’s salary, the financial benefits associated with keeping good employees on your team for the long haul become clear.

What does a good structured onboarding plan look like?

A solid structured onboarding plan includes some of the obvious new-hire processes, such as getting all of your new hire paperwork in order and giving your new employee a tour of your office.

But, in order to maximize the value of that program for each new team member you bring on board, yours should also include efforts to make your new team members feel welcome quickly and should provide them an avenue to easily and comfortably ask any questions they might have or voice any concerns that might come up as they are getting acquainted with the work environment at your practice.

If you’re interested, you’ll find an in-depth onboarding checklist you can use to develop a structured onboarding process for your office inside our free hiring guide… This text opens a new tab to the article….

How your free software from AADOM + CEDR makes onboarding easy

As an AADOM Member, you’re entitled to exclusive, free, lifetime access… This text opens a new tab to the article… to both our secure HR Vault document storage, distribution, and digital signature collection software, as well as our online, on-demand HIPAA Training program.

Both can be used to build certain HR-based legal protections for your business, of course, but each also plays an important role in helping to establish and streamline a structured onboarding program for your practice and your new team members.

HR Vault

As your primary digital filing cabinet, you’ll want to enter all of your new hire’s information in HR Vault and invite them to the platform before their first day. You’ll then be able to upload any important forms and documents into your new employee’s personal HR Vault Master Folder so that they are ready to begin their onboarding process as soon as they arrive on day one.

Some documents that you will want to consider preloading into your new hire’s HR Vault include:

Of course, there is quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to the info you provide your new employees on their first day and how you structure your specific onboarding program… This text opens a new tab to the article…. But a good rule of thumb is that any document that needs to be signed for your records on day-one (such as your employee handbook… This text opens a new tab to the article… and their job description… This text opens a new tab to the article…) and anything you’ll want them to refer back to regularly should be included in the employee’s personal Vault before they arrive.

HIPAA Training

As you probably already know, HIPAA violations can be incredibly expensive. Even violations you weren’t aware had happened can cost you $50,000 per exposure incident.

However, doing your due diligence as an employer can not only help you prevent violations outright, but can help you limit your practice’s financial liability in the event that a HIPAA violation does occur at your practice (by bringing that $50,000 per exposure figure to as low as $100, for example).

Ensuring that your employees are up to date on their HIPAA training is an important part of that due diligence equation.

Once an employee sets up their HR Vault account, an on-demand HIPAA Training account will also be created for them automatically. That way, you can easily make a HIPAA Training refresher part of each new hire’s onboarding experience.

That program also includes automatic reminders to retrain on the anniversary of each employee’s last training date so you can be confident that your team is constantly aware of the requirements of the law and every member of your team is prepared to handle PHI properly as soon as they start performing the duties of their job.

Free tools that make your job easier

At CEDR HR Solutions, we love our AADOM Tribe Members. It’s a privilege to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of professionals. And, when it comes down to it, it’s your hunger to be great at what you do that keeps us going and motivates us to provide the absolute best in HR tools and guidance to help make your jobs — and, in effect, your lives — easier.

It’s for that reason that we decided to partner with AADOM to provide all members of the Tribe with free access to HR Vault + HIPAA Training… This text opens a new tab to the article…. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now and, if free access to our software can help you free up more time to focus on other things while also helping your office to run more efficiently, that’s a win in our book.

Click here to unlock access to your free HR Vault account + on-demand HIPAA Training from CEDR.… This text opens a new tab to the article…

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