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Three Big HR Wins of the 2021 AADOM Tribe

It's HR Tuesday!

Managers are almost always in problem-solving mode, which means, right now, you are probably reviewing benefits, employee health insurance packages, or planning to hire a new hygienist in 2022. That being said, I’d like to ask you to step outside of that conversation and take a moment to appreciate yourself and those around you– to pause and celebrate the big wins that happened while you were solving the problems that sprang up over the course of this year.

Before this last year, some of the solutions we all came to in order to meet new challenges were previously unthinkable. I mean, how many of us would have thought it would be a good idea to have patients wait in their car for a text to come in? Who would have thought we have to do better when it comes to allowing for childcare challenges for our employees? Has anyone gotten the flu lately?

I guess the point I’d like to make is this. As hard as the changes were, the AADOM tribe and you as leaders have learned some new things, as we all have, and you will probably keep half of the changes you made because they just make sense. That’s what I mean by celebrating. Step back and look at all you and the team you lead have accomplished. And don’t forget to celebrate with your team!

I know it seems like a touchy-feely sort of thing at first glance, but celebrating wins helps set your practice up for future success… This text opens a new tab to an article on celebrating wins…. I’ve certainly found that to be true. That’s why I’ve been celebrating every win I can think of while doing my own end-of-the-year assessment. As I focus on my own team, I am also inspired by those around us.

One of the things that came to mind during this process was the tremendous growth that I’ve witnessed from members of the AADOM Tribe over the course of 2021, particularly the way this group has worked together creatively to solve big problems during another long year of ups and downs is inspirational. With that in mind, as we run out of 2021, here are three of your accomplishments that I think are worth celebrating.

1. When the going got tough, the AADOM Tribe got creative and helped one another

From childcare issues to a bleak hiring landscape, another year of COVID brought big challenges to managers across the country, but that’s no news to any of you. What’s worth celebrating though were the ways the AADOM Tribe stayed flexible, meeting each challenge with, if not acceptance, a dose of creativity.

Here’s one good example, AADOM managers began thinking outside the box when it came to job sourcing, adopting an “Always Be Hiring” mindset… This text opens a new tab to an article on always hiring…. Not only did adopting that mindset help you all stay afloat, it also allowed the AADOM Tribe to help other professionals in your area by passing along the names of good candidates you picked up but did not hire along the way. I hope as you’ve found new ways to work out your hiring muscle, you all realize that you have an incredible advantage because of your new skills and the mindset you had to develop when it comes to finding great people to hire.

That same creativity applied as school and daycare closings created a scheduling crisis for many dental practices. While most industries faced with the same crisis could slap a band-aid on the problem by making the team remote, that simply isn’t an option for most of the work that happens in a dentist’s office. Again, the AADOM Tribe got innovative, finding ways to adjust the workflow… This text opens a new tab to an article on the childcare crisis… in order to accommodate working parents. Whether it was adding part-time team members to fill in the gaps, staggering shifts, or job sharing, the AADOM Tribe kept their practices well-staffed through creative problem-solving.

2. You pushed your teams forward

Things got hectic in 2021. During a year like this, it’s easy to spend each day putting out fires running out of energy before you get around to solving big picture issues. It’s the type of environment that can lead to a stagnant business, an unmotivated workforce, and stale leadership. That’s not what the AADOM Tribe did this year, though.

Instead of resting on your laurels, you asked your team for change … This text opens a new tab to an article on redirecting feedback…and kept a burnt-out… This text opens a new tab to an article on those would couldn’t work from home… and overworked workforce from going off track at a time when it would be all too easy to do. You learned how to deliver redirecting feedback… This text opens a new tab to an article on redirecting feedback… in real-time which led to better job performances and stronger teams. You knew your employees couldn’t find their way up the mountain without a map, so you drew one for them, setting clear benchmarks for job performance and refusing to settle. In this way, the businesses managed by the AADOM Tribe came out of 2021 stronger than ever.

3. You supported each other

Once you came up with a solution to a problem, you didn’t keep it to yourself. You took some time to pay it forward. The AADOM Tribe has been part of a wonderful trend where owners and managers are having open and frank discussions about some pretty tough issues. Watching managers, who usually have to shoulder these burdens alone, support each other gets me every single time.

We see the same thing happening in our private professional group, HR Base Camp… This text opens a new tab to the HR Base Camp Facebook group…. Just a week or two ago, an office manager posted that she was feeling like her efforts were going unnoticed by her team, and HR Base Campers rushed to the rescue with some much-needed encouragement. The upshot of all this digital self-education and support is that the professional networks of the AADOM Tribe grew exponentially this year. You are solving problems and continuing your own management education all while supporting each other professionally, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

A year of tremendous growth that no one can take away from you

While you’re busy conducting your annual review and making plans for the first quarter, don’t forget to remember and celebrate those big wins too. I’d love to hear about what you think they are — how your practice has grown this year and what you will be celebrating… This text opens a new tab to the HR Base Camp Facebook group…. I can’t help but remember when, back in January, talking heads were predicting another year of COVID would spell disaster for small businesses, but, at least in the AADOM Tribe, this was a year of tremendous growth. This Tribe is emerging from 2021 stronger than ever and that is thanks to your creativity, leadership, and the community you have built here.

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