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5 New Software Tools to Improve the Patient Experience

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Staying on top of cutting edge technology is always a challenge. Each year, new software tools emerge promising to help dental practices improve patient engagement.

The unique challenges of 2020 have placed even greater pressure to keep up with the latest consumer behavior trends.

We’ve reviewed our research to find five fast-growing software tools that help thousands of dental practices with patient engagement. These companies aren’t all household names yet, but they’ve got solid products, loyal customers, and ambitious teams.

It’s never too early to begin learning about the software resources that can take your practice to the next level.

For each tool below, we provide an overview of the product, highlight what makes it unique, and share who each one is best for.

There’s also a link to the full SoftwarePundit review of each product for your convenience.

5 software tools to improve your patient experience

1. Doctible

Doctible… This text opens a new tab to the Doctible website… is a modern patient engagement platform that serves over 5,000 practices. The platform includes a wide array of tools that can improve your patient engagement, including:

  • Website Chatbot
  • Online Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Email & Text Messaging
  • Online Forms
  • Payment Processing
  • Online Reviews
  • Patient Recalls
  • Virtual Waiting Room

Doctible is unique due to its breadth of features and modular pricing. Few platforms provide this much functionality under one roof.

In addition, you have the option of only purchasing the tools that you want to use at your practice. This helps focus your team and save money.

Doctible is ideal for practices that don’t already have a patient communication system or haven’t upgraded to a new platform in several years. For a full review of Doctible, click here… This text opens a new tab to Doctible’s features, pricing, and more….

2. GrowthPlug

GrowthPlug… This text opens a new tab to the GrowthPlug website… is a software platform built to help practices grow online. It’s a newer company than the other products on this list, but certainly, one to watch.

The GrowthPlug platform combines a handful of tools that work together to make it easier for patients to find your practice online and request appointments.

This service includes a custom-built website with blogging functionality, a system for requesting patient reviews, the ability to manage your business listings, and a basic email marketing tool.

GrowthPlug is the only solution on this list that offers website development at its core.

GrowthPlug is ideal for practices that need a new website and want to invest in acquiring patients online. For more information about GrowthPlug, click here… This text opens a new tab to GrowthPlug’s announcement….

3. NexHealth

NexHealth… This text opens a new tab to the Nexhealth website… is an exceptional patient engagement system that is quickly gaining traction in the market. Since being founded in 2017, the company has acquired over 5,000 practices.

NexHealth is most comparable to Doctible. Both systems offer a wide range of patient engagement features that can have a major impact on your patient experience.

Here’s a list of the tools included in the NexHealth platform:

  • Online Booking
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Email & Text Messaging
  • Online Forms
  • Payment Processing
  • Online Reviews
  • Recalls
  • No-shows & Cancellations
  • Email & Text Message Campaigns
  • Telehealth

NexHealth is unique due to its wide range of features. In addition, the product is well designed and easy to use.

NexHealth is the only solution on this list that includes telehealth.

NexHealth is ideal for any practice that wants to modernize patient engagement. It’s particularly valuable for practices that already have a strong website and are interested in telehealth. Click here for a full review of NexHealth… This text opens a new tab to NexHealth’s reviews, pricing, and more….

4. Simplifeye

Simplifeye… This text opens a new tab to the Simplifeye website… is a unique patient engagement solution that helps dental practices convert website traffic into new customers. The product is used by over 6,000 healthcare professionals nationwide.

Simplifeye’s main product is a web chat tool that allows patients to chat with your practice while visiting your website. What makes Simplifeye unique is that its web chat tool is full service – it provides the software as well as a team of expert chatters who are trained in how to turn visitors into new appointments.

Simplifeye is ideal for any practice that invests heavily in online marketing. Its team of chatters takes one task off of your plate to help increase the ROI on your marketing spend. Click here for a full review… This text opens a new tab to Simplieye’s review, pricing, features, and more… of Simplifeye.

5. Swell

Swell… This text opens a new tab to the Swell website… is a reputation management system built specifically for dental practices. It has grown from a few hundred customers to a few thousand in the past year.

Swell’s focus is helping dental practices generate patient reviews published on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. These reviews provide an SEO boost to practice websites and lead to an increase in new appointments.

In addition, the Swell platform includes tools for web chat and patient surveys.

Swell is the only tool in the reputation management market focused specifically on dental practices.

It’s ideal for practices that want a reputation management system at an affordable price. Click here for a full review… This text opens a new tab to the Swell’s review, pricing, features, and more… of Swell.

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