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It’s All In the Name

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to share some very exciting news! We’ve been working on this for a while and it is now official! AADOM has undergone an official name change to better reflect our ever-growing membership. The American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) is now officially the American Association of Dental Office Management TM (AADOM). While the acronym has not changed, the change in the word “managers” to “management” is part of a notable evolution that is more inclusive of AADOM’s membership demographic. Still AADOM, only better!

Why the name change? I’ll tell you! When I launched AADOM in 2003, our membership comprised mainly of those who held the title “office manager” or “manager” in the dental practice. However, as our portfolio of offerings expanded, our membership has grown to include all team members involved in the success of the practice and the new name and term ‘management’ is reflective of that. AADOM has increased its educational offerings and dental practice management resources over the years and the membership has organically expanded to include all team members involved in the successful business (non-clinical) aspect of a dental practice. These member titles have included Insurance Coordinator, Patient Coordinator, Practice Administrator, Business Coordinator, Business Manager, CEO, CFO, Social Media Manager, Regional Manager, HR Manager, Business Team Member, and Director of Operations, amongst others. Additionally, the association has members who do not hold a title within their practice, but have a part in the administrative or business operations (sound familiar?). Some doctor-owners are also included as proprietors and business leaders. We know you wear many hats, and your title is not always reflective of that, but now your association is!

Dentistry is a business. AADOM is for those in the practice who strive to make their dental practices run more efficiently and be more profitable.

AADOM provides dental practice management education on topics such as HIPAA, Human Resources, Financial Metrics, Reporting, Marketing, Case Acceptance, and Leadership. Topics and classes are added regularly to build upon a manager’s knowledge base. Members can learn via AADOM’s eCampus; through their local AADOM Chapter; the AADOM Member Forum; numerous educational webinars and the popular AADOM Annual Conference. Education is listed as the member’s top reason for membership and conference attendance. This is reflected in yearly sold-out registration.

AADOM’s name change is a reflection of our commitment to serve our member base as well as the entire dental community.


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