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Keeping Your Team (Intact)

Real World Insights from AADOM Authors - Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD

There is no question that practices across the nation are still struggling to completely restaff following the retirement of many during the pandemic. It’s more important than ever to provide a work environment that attracts and retains quality employees.

Factors for Team Retention

Keeping outstanding team members on a long-term basis is largely an issue of team leadership and corporate culture.  But success also demands a clear vision for the practice and sound hiring protocols.  Other factors include:

Clear job descriptions

When employees know what it is that is expected of them, they have a far greater chance to serve the practice well.  Primary, secondary, and tertiary tasks should be clearly stated, with any necessary training provided.

Appropriate delegation

Allowing each employee to maximally contribute to the success of the practice isn’t just good for the bottom line; it’s good for the self-esteem and professional growth of the employee as well!

Allow room for failure

Staff members cannot increase their skills without some risk of failure.  Allow for that and support them not only with in-office mentoring, but professional continuing education as well.

Invite participation

Welcome employee observations and contributions to improve patient and practice management.  Having staff participate in updating the practice vision, mission, or annual business plan instills in them an important sense of ownership.

Provide incentives

In addition to basic financial security through a competitive salary, give staff members a reason to stay with you long term; invite them to participate in an office-sponsored retirement plan.

Be family-friendly

Recognize that staff members have a life outside the practice and sometimes need some schedule flexibility.

Be appreciative

Compliment an employee in front of the patient for exceptional care or service.  Recognize employees for their achievements, and celebrate their anniversaries of employment.  Work with humility, and always say “thank you” at the end of each day!

Incorporating these concepts, and others, can help you develop a team full of superstars who will enjoy serving your practice and your patients for many years to come!

All the best for your continued success!

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Headshot of Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD

Sharing forty-two years of clinical and business experience with the dental profession, Dr. Kerr earned Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and was honored in 2011 with its presentation of the Life-Long Learning and Service Recognition Award. He is a Fellow of both the American and International Colleges of Dentistry and an Honored Fellow of the Georgia Dental Association. Dr. Kerr has been recognized by state and local organizations as Small Business Person of the Year, Dentist of the Year, and Citizen and Professional of the Year.

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