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Meet the 2017 Practice Administrator of the Year

Learn more about Terri Lenihan, FAADOM, AADOM’s October 2017 Spotlighted Member and 2017 Practice Administrator of the Year!

2017 Practice Administrator of the Year
AADOM Member Since 2007
Omni Dental Centres, LLP
Carter Lake, IA

Q:  What type of practice do you work in?
A:  General Dentistry

Q: What is your title?
A:  Practice Administrator

Q:  How long have you been with this practice?
 24 years

Q:  What are some of the duties you are responsible for within your practice?
A:  I strive to be the best at providing leadership for our team while including meeting our practice’s goals. I also oversee case presentation, handle human resources and promote team education while maintaining licensing documentation.

Q:  What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?
A:  I love assisting my team in being the best that they can be in order to provide the best oral health care for our patients. Seeing the patients smile after treatment is complete makes all our hard work worthwhile!

Q:  What do you see as some of the benefits of membership to AADOM?
  The educational opportunities that are available with AADOM tops the list, followed closely by the awesome networking withing the Members Only Forum and the Annual Conference.

Q:  What other services would you like to see AADOM provide for dental office managers?
AADOM provides such a variety of services, they meet my needs as a Practice Administrator/Office Manager.

Q:  Have you ever attended an AADOM conference?

Q:  Can you tell us about your experience?
  I have been attending the annual conferences since 2007, ( I missed 2008), and learn more every year! The energy is amazing! I’ve spoken to new vendors and they are amazed and state there is no other conference they attend that has the energy that AADOM does. I only get to see most members live, when we go to the conference, and it’s amazing how we just pick up where we left off the year before.

Q:  Are you planning to attend AADOM17?

Q:  Are you a Fellow or are you pursuing Fellowship?
  I became a Fellow in 2010.

Q:  What practice management software do you use?

Q:  What company do you order the majority of your dental supplies from?
  Henry Schein & Benco, although we order from a variety, not exclusive to only one company.

Q:  Do you or your practice support any charitable organizations?
  Yes, we host a Give Kids A Smile event every February and we’ve actually started an additional one in October that we call Omni Cares. We perform free basic dentistry on adults who may be low income, without insurance, or just can’t afford to see a dentist. We have also volunteered with the IA Mission of Mercy.

Q:  What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?
  I love to hang out with my family and friends. I enjoy watching my Grandsons play in sporting events and attend their school activities. I enjoy football, reading, and I’d love to take up sewing again.

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