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Perseverance & Patience for Dental Managers

Perseverance is defined as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It is, without doubt, the biggest skill-set you must learn as a manager. Along with perseverance, patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate...

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The Ultimate Cross-Trained Dental Team

Let’s explore these scenarios with a cross-trained team and systems that are in place for days like this. It begins with the creation of a team of individuals who are not only exceptional in their specific job functions and customer service, but also open to personal...

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How to Put Some Sizzle in Your Treatment Acceptance

Ideally, your dental office manager or dental marketing coordinator is consistently communicating the availability of aesthetic dental services to your patients through email, e-newsletters, direct mail, and your website. But it’s important to get the patient’s...

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Ethics Is Your Choice

House Ethics Committee. US Senate Select Committee on Ethics. ADA Code of Ethics. Every state, every professional organization, every institution has a written Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, or Expressed Culture. It would appear in watching the news headlines that,...

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Medical Coverage for Trauma-Related Dental Services

Many dentists are asked to submit dental procedures to the patient’s medical plan, either by the dental payer or the patient. When asked if a practice submits medical claims it is not uncommon for the response to be “no, we do not submit medical claims for dental...

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