AADOM PODcast – Avoid HIPAA Headaches: Marketing Mistakes Dental Offices Make

In today’s world, marketing is crucial in growing any business, including dental offices. However, when it comes to marketing for dental offices, HIPAA compliance must be at the forefront of every strategy.

HIPAA regulations are in place to protect the privacy and security of patients’ sensitive information. As a dental office manager, you must know the potential HIPAA violations within your marketing efforts.

One common mistake dental offices make is not realizing that HIPAA compliance extends to marketing. It’s not just about safeguarding patients’ information during appointments or treatment plans but also about how that information is used in marketing materials.

Kelsey Halvarson, the Privacy and Security Officer at Roadside Dental Marketing, has extensive experience in HIPAA-compliant marketing. In this episode of AADOM Radio, he shared some of the most common HIPAA marketing mistakes that dental offices make and how to avoid them.

 One mistake that dental offices often need to correct is using patient testimonials without obtaining proper consent. Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool, but patient privacy must be a top priority. Before using any patient testimonials, it’s crucial to obtain written consent that clearly outlines how their information will be used.

 Another mistake that dental offices often make is not properly securing their website with an SSL certificate and HTTPS. An SSL certificate encrypts data transferred between a website and its visitors, ensuring that sensitive information, such as patient data, is kept secure. Without an SSL certificate, patient data transmitted through your website could be intercepted and used maliciously.

In addition to an SSL certificate, using HTTPS is essential. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP, the protocol used to transfer data between a website and its visitors. By using HTTPS, all data transferred between your website and its visitors is encrypted, further ensuring the security of patient information.

This can be done by working with a web developer or hosting provider who can install and configure these security features.

Want to know the other mistakes? Tune in to Kelsey on AADOM Radio!

HIPAA Marketing Toolkit: Your Guide to Compliance

To help dental offices avoid HIPAA marketing mistakes, Kelsey has created a HIPAA Marketing Toolkit.

The package includes checklists and audits to ensure that your marketing efforts are effective and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

In conclusion, marketing is a powerful tool for growing any dental practice, but it must be done with HIPAA compliance in mind.

By avoiding common HIPAA marketing mistakes and utilizing resources like this HIPAA Marketing Toolkit, you can grow your dental practice while staying HIPAA compliant.

Download the HIPAA Marketing Toolkit.

Want to make sure your website and marketing are HIPAA compliant? Contact Roadside’s experts for a free HIPAA assessment.


Could you be making major HIPAA mistakes and not even realize it? You know how serious HIPAA is. But not a lot of office managers know that compliance extends to marketing. Kelsey Halvarson is Roadside Dental Marketing’s Privacy and Security Officer. He’s spearheaded Roadside’s commitment to becoming a HIPAA-compliant marketing agency. And now he’s joining us on AADOM Radio. He’ll share common HIPAA marketing mistakes most offices make and how to avoid them. Stay tuned at the end to grab his HIPAA Marketing Toolkit. It’s packed with checklists and audits to keep your marketing compliant but fun.


AADOM Radio & Roadside Dental Marketing Present:

Kelsey Halvarson-Roadside’s Privacy & Security Officer

Learning Objectives:

  • 6 HIPAA marketing mistakes often overlooked
  • You’ll walk away with an action plan to fix those mistakes and fast
  • Why HIPAA could skyrocket your SEO rankings and visibility

More About Kelsey:

With 15+ years of experience in online marketing, SEO, and paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other major platforms, Kelsey helps his clients get found online with forward-thinking strategies.

Now becoming Roadside’s Privacy and Security Officer, Kelsey leads the team to adhere to HIPAA compliance while getting their clients measurable ROI. Kelsey is certified for Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing for Paid Ads.

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